Friday, December 30, 2011

The Journey Back

Death...we all say we know it will come to us one day and yet when it does very few of us are ever prepared. In the past 3 weeks I have lost three family members. Two in the same week and and one about a week and a half after that; various ages, from elderly to middle age to young. As my cousin stood there watching as his grandmother (my aunt) was being buried, I doubt that he had any idea that he too would, only a week and a half a later, be in the same position as her. Death can be somewhat of an oxymoron, as it sheds light on life. What are you doing? How are you living the life you have? With honour, dignity, respect, love, kindness, obedience to Divine guidance? In your absence would you be remembered fondly or missed? Are you living with regret for things that should have not been done or said; or things that should have been done or said? Are you laying the foundation for leaving behind a legacy that would bring continuous goodness for others? Death brings heartache and yet some benefits. It is a time for remembrance and reflection on life....

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