Thursday, March 27, 2008


I leave a trail on the net (like many) and sometimes I would like to keep up with the comments I leave for others so I have decided to preserve the ones I like on my own blog (well at least for now). Today's footprints include, but not limited to a stop at Print and Pattern , [ As usual wonderful pictures! Could you suggest a good website in the UK or anywhere else abroad that sells fabrics similar to some of the designs you have showcased here before? I would really love to get my hands on something fun and unique! ] Geek Interrupted ,[ Bacon Ice Cream??!! Ok that is just soo wrong sounds disgusting! Ever try it? ] and finally over at HNK's blog , [ I know it doesn't seem like it now, but after hardship, will come ease. You are in a situation that many people have never experienced, and just the very fact that you are able to keep this blog up is a testament to your strength. So please just keep striving and don't be too hard on yourself :) ]. This footprint is from the other day over at Ranting Monkey's post entitled, "Crossroads" , [ I have found myself in this delema before. At my old crappy job I think I stayed so long and didn't actively pursue trying to find something better, because I was too use to my environment, and always felt bad about leaving my manager, as she relied heavily on me. Then at some point I knew I had to move; the company was changing for the worst, and I foresaw a life 5 to 10 years later when I was in my 30's and unhappy because I had never really pursued my ambitions, besides that I was losing my social life because I was working so much and for crumbs. The ironic thing is that even though I remained loyal to her, when I told her I was leaving at the time, she was not too happy about it. I asked her if she could keep me on the payroll just in case I had decided to come back (which she had done for a few previous workers when they had left)and she agreed. I figured they owed me that much since I had grown up with that company and had contributed much. But about a month later I had called, and I found out she had taken me off of payroll and had resigned me. I lost the 100 hours of vacation time I was due in about 2 months, and had only a couple of weeks to roll my 401K over, and I would not have found out if I hadn't called there; So much for 8 years of service and loyalty! Now I have a another job that is crappy but I am making more money than I was making at the other crappy job, and with a lesser position; more importantly I am not satisfied with just staying there, it is just a stepping stone to something better God-willing. ] Of course no net session would be complete without a visit to Bent Objects and Basic Instructions (today's strip is especially funny) for a dose of laughter. If you have never visited these sites, you should definitely check them out! Too hilarious!

What your man gotta do with me?

Recent recurring incidents have prompted me to ask this question: Why is it that men today don't care if you say you are married, engaged, or seeing someone else, they simply reply; "Is it serious?" "Are you committed to him?" "Don't you have room for friends?" A few years ago if I didn't feel like being bothered by someone's advances, I would tell the guy I was with someone else and this would be my sure-fire way to get them to back off, but now....ha! that only seems to intrigue them more like it is a game to win or something! I can't be like some of my friends or sisters and just say "hey I am not interested in you!" or "leave me alone!" I don't know there is this sympathetic gene I have or something, and I don't like to turn people down that harsh, unless a person gets really sarcastic with me; then all bets are off and the darker side of me emerges. Or why do the "playas" think that every woman can be played? Don't they know that there are some women out there who are on to the game? Some people may wonder how this is possible for me to run across this being a Muslim woman, but I am here to tell you that many men will hit on any woman if they find her attractive enough----heck many times looks may not have anything to do with it for some men!

Yes I may piss some people off; No I am not sorry!

Ok I must say I am not sorry for who I am or how I was born. I know the Almighty creator made no mistake with my form and I do not apologize for my appearance. Why do I say this you ask? Well just some things that have been happening and said lately at work. As a person of color I must say there are many stereotypes about people in my race (just as racial stereotypes exist in other races) some that are either knowingly or unknowingly accepted by many in the race. Some people of color produce movies and print that display these negative stereotypes and celebrate them, as if they represent who we are as a race, Lol but then get offended if someone outside the race says it about us. One thing in particular that irritates me right now (and mainly because I am hearing it alot at work) is Black people feeling they have to be ashamed of their hair. Some feel that they were cursed and not born with "good hair." The comments that they make out loud in public about these insecurities, prompt others to feel it is ok to say it too (how some of these insecurities started is another story). Because of this habit some of the non-black women at work have felt comfortable enough to start making comments about black hair and the hair care products, that are a little negative. I am pretty open to other races and have friends, not just associates outside the race, and most of my coworkers know this about me, and how I love languages etc. so sometimes some of them have no problem saying some of this negative stuff around me, because I guess they think I am different lol. However I don't appreciate it....Hell I don't appreciate it when a black person makes those comments, so how do you think I am going to take it if someone else says it? Here is my disclaimer: I am not saying that only blacks who wear their hair in their natural texture are secure. I don't care what your styling preference is; you can fry it, dye it, curl it, twirl it, relax it, or wax it etc. etc. Your look, your choice the options are endless for everyone, not just blacks. However if you are black don't be ashamed of what you have (it's funny how many black women love their bodies, but dislike their hair) and certainly don't put your insecurities on public display all the time. I would suggest you read a book by the very famous Hollywood hairdresser A. Dickey. In his book, "Hair Rules!" (a styling guide for women of all races who have kinky, curly, or wavy hair) he states, "If I were to make any distinction, after years as a professional stylist, it would be between a healthy head of hair and an unhealthy head of hair. In my practice, that is what really determines good or bad hair. And healthy hair trumps all textures and types!" In other words whether you have kinky hair or not you have "good hair" if you take care of it. So know yourself or get to know yourself and understand that you are not a mistake.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Opportunity knocked, but I didn't answer the door in time

Well the voicemail message from the other day , may just be a missed opportunity. A summary of what happened: I came home from work a few days ago feeling exceptionally tired from all the stress of Wally World and I fell asleep right away when I awoke it was early afternoon and I noticed that I had missed a couple of phone calls so I proceeded to check my voicemails and that was when I discovered the call from the company looking for manager trainees, saying that they were interested in talking to me. Of course I was excited, a real salary, and a chance to escape the hell that is Wally World; alas with many things in my life so far, I should have known not to get too happy until the fairytale became a reality. I called the personnel lady back at the number she left, but I got her voicemail and she hasn't called back :( I know they are doing alot of hiring for various locations and those who they call, that actually answer the phone, are the lucky ones. Fortunately this does not have me feeling depressed or anything, as I said I try to keep striving these days, even if I have a setback. Besides, I am happy about my upcoming trip to NC to visit with a friend for a few days. I hardly ever get to take a trip for leisure so even if I have to scrape up the money for gas and I will only be spending 3 days there, I am excited! On another note I would like to participate in this meme that I read over at The Ranting Monkey's blog which he borrowed from another blogger who was tagged by another blogger etc. etc. and the circle continues, anyway here we go: The rules are simple. You are to write a six word memoir about yourself. And then tag six people. So here is my six word memoir-----She lived her life in wonder.

"Say What?!"

Final "Say What?!" of the day-----Ok I am not a fan of dogs (every since I was chased by one as a child) but even I think this is a cute. You can read the story here or just look at the pics here .

"Say What?!"

Ok here is one of the more recent controversies out right now the Vogue Magazine Lebron James/ Gisele Bundchen photo. Is this photo racist???

"Say What?!"

As I said before I love natural remedies and I try to eat healthy when I can (although my willpower isn't always good) so I love when I run across a good article that combines natural remedies and tips with beauty. Read here for "18 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow"