Friday, February 22, 2008

" Say What?! "

Ok something new I want to start is "Say What?!" I will occasionally post some of the bizarre or unique stories that I run across on the internet to share. So here is today's selection: "Stolen Truck Taken by Dog"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

You love me... You really love me!

As I was reading one of my fav. blogs today something that the author said struck a thought or rather peaked my curiosity to think more about a deeper question. He talked about how he had just reached his thirtysomething birthday and was thinking about the milestones he had or had not reached yet. The comment that struck with me was when he said "I need to somehow make my mark on the world." You hear that comment often from many people, and I just wonder what is the ratio of those who actually want to make an impact on the world without much public recognition but for the benefit of doing something for the greater good, as oppose to those who want to make their mark on the world in a way that just gains them popularity and praise from everyone else? Do you give in charity (be that monetary or giving of your personal time) just to have others tell you how generous you are, or for the tax deduction? Are you the type of person who would give a friend the money to save his home from getting foreclosed, but always constantly remind him and others how you saved him from losing his home? I think some level of vanity exists in everyone, but how much do you try to fight the negative connotations it can have? In addition to living my life and being successful for me and my family, I would love to be able to do many different forms of charity, relief work or invent something that will truly benefit the world; that is how I would like to make an impact on the world. But would I be happy still if no one other than those directly affected, know or care that I helped? How important is fame and notoriety to you when determining what you want to do with your life?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogging--you don't just write them; you read them

One thing about blogging is I like to read other people's blogs as well, which I had the opportunity to do a little of yesterday and today. I try to read most on my list often. Some of my more favorite reads from my list are Thoughts Reflections and More Ramblings , Adventures in Motherhood , Print and Pattern , Bent Objects , (for a good laugh:) and Lens of Lufias . However I must say my absolute favorite to read is Rickshaw Diaries , she always has very well written, and insightful posts. I especially love one of her recent posts, "The Geography of Bliss" which you can read here . It kind of corresponds to my previous post (which is worth checking out too ;). If you have the chance, check out her blog.

There are many uncertainties in how do you cope?

It's funny how over the past year I have become more resolved to really accepting the uncertainties and changes in life. By that I mean I am able to understand that when something good or bad happens, it does not necessarily guarantee anything; especially with the bad things. Before I was always wondering why negative things (or rather what I interpreted as negative things) had to happen to me. I think this partly was an effect of my being a creative minded person. Where is the correlation you ask? Well my creativity leads my mind to wonder, interpret, and analyze so many things. I hardly ever see something as just concrete, I usually find the abstract in everything. This does not make me the most artistic and creative person, I actually know much more creative people whose talent I admire immensely, on the contrary this way of thinking can and has lead me to trouble sometimes. I use to be able to sit by myself for hours wondering about everything around me, which would lead me to analyze things in my life especially the negative things. This can be a good thing if you use that to propel you to do better and try and change the negativity, but it can be seriously harmful if you just spend too much time dwelling on it and becoming depressed about it. I use to have a habit of doing the latter too often lol. But just recently over the past year or two I have learned how to understand and accept that life is uncertain; it is an exam that you will not finish until the bell rings and you exit this life. Everyday you are presented with tests and challenges, and also opportunities to overcome and do something good that will benefit you and others. It is not an easy test; even the most brilliant people are stumped along the way, but you still must perservere and keep trying until it is over. At least that is better than letting it defeat you. Trying to remember and strengthen my faith and the stories and examples I was given growing up, in addition to the things I see everyday, helped me to arrive at this point. I realize and accept much more that there are always going to be those moments where I hit a bump, but I will try to keep going and learn and even appreciate those moments as life's little uncertainties and lessons that help to shape me into who I am and aspire to be....Well the reason I am writing about my new outlook, is because today is my Dad's first day of chemotherapy treatment. In the past I probably would have been really down and panicked about it, but now I am actually in a state of calm acceptance. This is a test that we have to get through right now, and being negative about it is not going to help nor change the situation. The Almighty-willing we will get through it for better or worse and hopefully learn something along the way---

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

Woah! I can't believe I have been away from blogging for sooo long!; not that I did not want to blog, circumstances permitted me from doing so. I hope to be back in the swing of things from now on, although I probably will not blog everyday, but I will try to keep it updated at least once a week. I also will be changing the look of my blog soon and trying a couple of new formats to include. I have been online all day today!! (too much) but at least it wasn't just for leisure. I had to put in my resume with a couple of places, fill out a FAFSA form, and do some other research; my only guilty pleasure was I visited my Facebook page:) (my favorite social networking site). Off to bed in a bit as I have to get up in a few hours to do that Wally World thing...yes unfortunately I still work there :( On another note I just had the chance to really research the rules for the proposed tax rebate, and am happy to find out that I should be getting one as well! (Yea Me!!!) Last time we had a rebate I was not eligible, but this time I am looking forward to the possiblity of the extra money. I have alot of important uses for the extra funds, just need to rank them in level of severity. Which begs me to ask the question what do you plan on doing with the your rebate check?