Thursday, December 4, 2008

You can't take it with you when your'e gone

When it comes to news I can be late sometimes, because I don't really watch T.V. much, which is why I was extremely infuriated, but yet not surprised when I found out about the Wal-Mart associate who was killed on black friday . I was not surprised, because I have worked for good ol' Wally World and making money is all that matters there. They do not really care if you are on your death bed, or a family member is, just so long as you can make them more money. I remember my first year black friday incident . It is no joke! On top of that people will go to great lengths for greed. A man had to be killed over "stuff." Useless pathetic stuff, that will get a couple of uses and then tossed to the side......It is disgusting.

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