Thursday, June 5, 2008

Relocating-to the land of humiliation

Yes I am bad I have not been blogging since last month :O... I have a few good reasons. 1. the whole limited access computer thin, with the library and the limitations etc.; yeah no need to divulge all the boring details. 2. I am in the process of moving and possibly relocating. Between Tuesday through Wednesday afternoon I did not sleep I was awake for over 24 hours, and boy did I feel it last night when I went to work! I was literally falling asleep on the job. You know that sleepy where you are so tired, but for whatever reason you are obligated to stay awake? I really was almost moved to tears because I was sooo tired. As soon as our 1 hour break came, I went and found a place to sleep and felt much more refreshed when I returned to work after an hour. The packing portion and vacating the old house is actually complete, but my family is up in the air as to whether or not they are moving out of state. Well actually they are more inclined to moving out of state than staying here. So it is pretty much decided that they will move out of state, but the problem is they have not officially gotten the place of their choice right now, so they are camping out at my brother's and sister-in-law's place for two days then onto NC they will go. I am in a dilemma as I am pretty much set in the idea of relocating before the beginning of next year, but not necessarily to NC. So I am staying at the bro.'s house for at least another two weeks. The way I see it if I follow them it will only be temporary as I plan on possibly going elsewhere, but at the same time I am fed up with this area and Wally World and if the family are not here, there really is nothing that keeps this place interesting for me.However I do not want to transfer to the NC Wally World location even though that is a guaranteed job. So I don't know if I should stay here and work until later this year or go there for a few months and be where my family is as well as friends and a better environment for me? The number 3 reason I have not been blogging is because my time has been occupied with someone very interesting :) for a little while now. Someone who is really wonderful for me, and I never would have imagined running across. A couple of days ago we were exchanging text messages, while I was suppose to be at work (oopps! don't snitch) and I was waiting a little while after sending a text message and receiving no response, so I inquired as to whether or not B.B. got the text and B.B. replied, "What text?" Well I assumed something was wrong with the phone and I tried texting it on my other phone; still nothing. This proved to be a bad decision because both B.B. and I have 2 mobile phones one is for everyday use and the other is for emergencies and out of town usage--prepaid thing. Anyway I was trying to send the text to B.B.'s secondary phone from my secondary phone, but what I did not realize was that when copying B.B.'s secondary number to my other phone I transposed the numbers lol! So what was happening was I was sending text messages to someone else! I only found this out because later that week as I was talking to B.B. on my main line, my other phone started ringing, and I told B.B., "hold on a sec." I looked at the caller ID on the phone and saw his other number (or rather what I copied incorrectly in the other phone) and I asked him jokingly, " why are you playing and calling me from your other phone while I am already talking to you?" So he was like, "huh?" I answered the phone and it was another man. He proceeded to tell me that he had been receiving messages from my phone and he did not know who they were from lol. To make matters worse his wife was asking him who was sending him text messages at 2 o'clock in the morning lol! Oh the horror! I felt so bad and embarrassed! Thanks to my blunder I nearly caused a divorce! It was later when I compared the numbers in both phones and asked B.B. to repeat the second number he gave me that I realized that when putting the number in the secondary phone I had transposed some of the numbers lol. What an idiot! Anyway B.B.'s arrival in my life was unexpected, but so cool. Thanks B.B.! I will eventually divulge some more details later....well maybe lol. So I have not had much time to blog really, but things are beginning to change for me and yet at the same time things are unchanged in many ways...but hey that's life!

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