Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things that are on my mind

1. The political race---I am not much of a voter mainly because I don't buy a word that politicians are saying majority of the time, but this race is very interesting many people are expecting to see some sort of historical change in the presidency, but I believe they are in disillusion. If I am wrong about this I will be surprised. I was in my dad's car the other day and he was listening to the Tom Joyner morning show on the radio, (which I really do not like) and as usual Tom had Tavis Smiley on the show for a quick segment about the whole political campaign. I must say I enjoy seeing what Tavis Smiley has to say even if I don't agree with it all. Tavis is a very intelligent and informed man, without being too uptight. He commented on how the topic of the disparity between the classes in this country is not really being addressed by any of the candidates. He stated that most many people are struggling to just stay alive, while the rich is just getting richer. I agree totally with his statements. Everywhere prices are going up on everything. Even the price of something as simple as a candy bar is skyrocketing! I was in Bottom Dollar Grocery (BTW they suck and should change their name because they are not that inexpensive) not too long ago and was shocked to find that a Hershey bar was 75 cents! That's what I would pay at 7-eleven! Meanwhile we are being told that the price increases have to do with the "illegal" war that is going on, even though some companies have become even more rich directly from the war, including some of those politicians who have a vested interest in some of those companies. Yes the economic issues are getting worse and it definitely needs to be made a real priority. 2. Respect---There is a lack of it at my job. It is the main issue that makes me hate working there and at places like it. There is no respect for what we do, as well as no respect for us as individuals. Just the other night I had to very verbally remind a coworker that I would not tolerate disrespect, especially from someone who I show courtesy and consideration to. I have been disrespected and discriminated by people many times tracing as far back as childhood, and when I became an adult capable of making my own decisions and taking care of my affairs, I decided to never accept blatant disrespect ESPECIALLY in my work environment. I hate when people think because I am reserved (only at work ! lol) and try to be polite, that I will bend to whatever form of abuse they will give me. Unfortunately for them they are quite surprised to find that that is not the case. 3.The bad drivers here in V.A.---OMG sometimes I just want to ram people in the back of their cars lol! They drive like idiots, and not in a way that is controlled chaos like you will find in Philly, New York or D.C., but like fools who need to go back to drivers ed. classes. If one more person nearly causes an accident with me, I'll....well I don't know what I'll do lol. I'll admit sometimes I find myself almost succumbing to a mild case of road rage often, but my good sense stops me from acting out on my fantasies. 4. Finally I have been trying to think of the good things that are going on in my life---I have been happy about the recent trips to N.C. I enjoy the area and especially visiting my friend. I am planning another trip there at the end of the month GOD-willing. Why not? it is the only trip I can afford lol I just pay for gas and few odds and ends and the rest is free. I don't have to pay for a hotel or anything so that is the perfect break for a broke chick like me! Also I am happy I have met someone of possible interest to me for now anyway lol. Things change ya know. I also had a couple of ego boosters when I found out that 2 of the sample handbags that were given to my baby sisters were admired by some of their peers (I guess I really need to pursue it more) and when I invited another viewer to my blog she startd reading it, and now I have possibly inspired her to start her own. Yeah that's cool :) *If you want to check out Tavis's website click on his name in the post, and it will take you to the link

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