Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank You

I have been thinking (there's a first) about the people I have met in my life lately. I have heard on more than one occasion how you can learn something new from everyone you meet, in fact I can even recall a famous quote saying that you should cherish every chance encounter, because each is an opportunity to gain new knowledge....or something to that effect. Anyway it got me thinking that I need to start looking at this and really acting upon it. When I think about it even people that I have had bad relationships or encounters with, it did give me the chance to understand or experience something new (once my anger subsided of course). So to all my friends and enemies I say thank you for giving me the chance to experience the variety in life. I am especially grateful to a few select people, such as my best friends (especially F)--- thank you for allowing me to understand that I don't have to change to find that special loyal friend who will accept me and all my goofy, boring, bizarre, and not so so bizarre moments. To the first guy I ever considered spending my life with, although it did not work out I still say thank you. Before you I had trust issues about men and I had a hard time imagining that I would be able to feel that way, but you changed that. Now I am more open and receptive and appreciative of the opportunity to be with someone who is willing to stand by my side and build a future together and although I have not found him yet, I know that the possibility is there. Thank you. To my third grade teacher Mrs. Patricia Baugh from Camp Allen Elementary---Thank You. You were so instrumental in harnessing my creativity and passion. You made me realize that certain things were possible and acheivable, and you were the only one perceptive enough to notice that I was a blind little bat who desperately needed glasses lol. You were a wonderful teacher and I only hope you can read this and know how much I appreciate the impact you made on me. Lastly to my group of aquaintances those who I know in real life and those who I know thru the net, you are such a group of diverse individuals from different backgrounds and I thank you for allowing me to know a little bit about the many different people who make up this world. Whether we agree or disagree you allow me the chance to expand my knowledge of the world... There is no need to express here my graitude for the lessons and support I have recieved from my family especially my mother (who I have inherited alot of my traits from) because words are not nearly enough. Of course I am aware that anything I have learned and received is a blessing from our exalted creator so I strive to always remember him and remain humble about any knowledge I have gained.

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