Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My sister is a nut

The other day when I went to the library I borrowed my dad's van (my car is out of commission for the next few days), and as I was parking my two baby sisters suggested that I use the handicap spot, because my dad has a disabled parking decal (due to his cancer). I laughed and told them no of course, and that would not be right and I could get caught, but they reminded me of a story about my other younger sister who would take my dad to his appointments sometimes and she would use her car, so she had the decal. This was fine when he was with her but she also used it when he wasn't lol. I would always tell her," you are sooo wrong; (ha ha) you're going to get caught!" One day we went roller skating and she decided to use the decal again! I asked her, "Ok how are you going to pull this one off?" " You are suppose to be handicap, but you are going skating lol!" She said," watch this." She gets out her car and starts limping on one foot, actually it was more of half limp half stroll. She looked like a gimp pimp lol. I started cracking up and then I ran ahead of her because it was embarrassing and I didn't want to be around when the cops gave her a ticket for stupidity lol.

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