Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebrity siting: Chris Brown and Rhianna came in our store part 2

I was like huh! Chris Brown looked at me for a minute with a look that read, "Please don't scream, please don't go crazy." Trust me it wasn't that serious lol; I didn't do either. I am not starstruck like that. Then when he saw that I was, going to remain calm he went back to browsing and chatting with Rhianna. There was a body guard with them and 2 other females (I'm guessing the dancers maybe), or rather I should say the bodyguard was more so guarding Rhianna. I was very surprised though and proud of the fact that people did not overreact and maul them; and scream or anything, granted it was past midnight and not a very busy night for us but still the people that were in there behaved well and allowed them to do their shopping. It was funny though because they were on the General Merchandise side of the store, but our Grocery associates, came creeping over pushing carts of "freight" to get a look and see if the rumor were true. Eventually one of the Assistant mangers came on the intercom and announced that all Grocery associates needed to return to the grocery side of the store and get back to work lol. Management watched and made sure all associates didn't really leave their areas to go and follow them, but ironically enough or should I say hypocritically enough, one of the assistant managers asked for Chris's and Rhianna's autographs because "her kids were big fans." Only a few other associates actually had the chance to get an autograph. One was a cashier who went running down the aisle saying, "Chris Brown can I have your autograph!", and even though she was instructed by her supervisor to come back, she kept going anyway and did eventually get the signature lol. He was pretty cool about it and signed a few autographs for the customers that asked. I guess he would be nice in his hometown of V.A., wouldn't be a smart move not to be huh? Another customer asked if she could take a picture and the body guard said no. Later on when I mentioned it to people, they questioned me as to why I didn't get an autograph or take a picture, and there are a three reasons why I didn't: 1. I was suppose to be working and was being monitored by my management to make sure that I remained working. 2. Taking a picture wasn't allowed (see previous sentences for reason) and if I had took the chance and snapped a picture on my camera phone, I am quite sure this would have had a much more negative impact because I was an employee rather than if the customer did it. I would assume that I would have received some sort of reprimand from management. 3. The most important reason of all is because it really wasn't that important to me, yes seeing them there, not in disguise was shocking, but I really don't think that having a person's autograph is anything special and if I would have gotten it I would have sold it on Ebay to someone who cared. I am not a fan of their's per se and I don't go out and buy their cds or anything. I would have been more impressed if I had met Nelson Mandela; someone who has made a much more important social impact relating to humanity. If I could have sat down and chatted with people like him that would be memorable to me. So aside from watching them peruse the different departments and saying hi to them, it was pretty low key. But an event out of the ordinary of the usual routine nonetheless..

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thanks for sharing your story. i bet he was relieved you didn't start freaking out. lol. :)