Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Much Needed Break

Wow I had a good time on my trip! I was so happy to take some time off and visit one of my best friends in NC even if it was only three hours from here. I arrived Friday evening with two of my sisters, and we arrived back home Tuesday at midnight. I love the way my friend introduces me to people, she always says so excitedly "this is my friend W." "I've known her since I was 2!" lol It's so cool how that means alot to her and that she really values our friendship. Really we are all just extended family. We had a good time, and although there was alot I did not get to do (just an excuse to go back in a month!), I did have fun. The area that she lives in is really beautiful, there was lavender growing all along the roadside it was so beautiful and well kept. I wanted to take pictures, but I was so busy doing other things, that I neglected to do so. Some of the highlights of my trip were our visit to the icecream shop where I had a scoop of blueberry icecream and a scoop of swiss chocolate icecream, I know this may not seem like such a big deal, but I have never been any more adventurous than trying rocky road icecream, so honey flavored, peach flavored, rasberry flavored and blueberry flavored icecream was really a treat! The other highlight of trip was our visit to the roller skating rink. It is always fun to act carefree like a kid every once in a while. These were some of the small things, but they meant the most. The only downfall of my trip was the difference in the altitude, because of it I felt unusually sleepy earlier than usual and could not stay up past that point. I even went to the movies, and the moment the lights went out to start the movie, I layed my head down and fell to sleep and did not wake up until the last 10 minutes of the movie lol and it was a comedy (lots of laughter in the theater)! But overall I just enjoyed being able to visit her and having time off from Wally World. Unfortunately when I got back to Wally World my first night was horrible :( But such is the plight of a Wally World worker drone.....

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