Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes I may piss some people off; No I am not sorry!

Ok I must say I am not sorry for who I am or how I was born. I know the Almighty creator made no mistake with my form and I do not apologize for my appearance. Why do I say this you ask? Well just some things that have been happening and said lately at work. As a person of color I must say there are many stereotypes about people in my race (just as racial stereotypes exist in other races) some that are either knowingly or unknowingly accepted by many in the race. Some people of color produce movies and print that display these negative stereotypes and celebrate them, as if they represent who we are as a race, Lol but then get offended if someone outside the race says it about us. One thing in particular that irritates me right now (and mainly because I am hearing it alot at work) is Black people feeling they have to be ashamed of their hair. Some feel that they were cursed and not born with "good hair." The comments that they make out loud in public about these insecurities, prompt others to feel it is ok to say it too (how some of these insecurities started is another story). Because of this habit some of the non-black women at work have felt comfortable enough to start making comments about black hair and the hair care products, that are a little negative. I am pretty open to other races and have friends, not just associates outside the race, and most of my coworkers know this about me, and how I love languages etc. so sometimes some of them have no problem saying some of this negative stuff around me, because I guess they think I am different lol. However I don't appreciate it....Hell I don't appreciate it when a black person makes those comments, so how do you think I am going to take it if someone else says it? Here is my disclaimer: I am not saying that only blacks who wear their hair in their natural texture are secure. I don't care what your styling preference is; you can fry it, dye it, curl it, twirl it, relax it, or wax it etc. etc. Your look, your choice the options are endless for everyone, not just blacks. However if you are black don't be ashamed of what you have (it's funny how many black women love their bodies, but dislike their hair) and certainly don't put your insecurities on public display all the time. I would suggest you read a book by the very famous Hollywood hairdresser A. Dickey. In his book, "Hair Rules!" (a styling guide for women of all races who have kinky, curly, or wavy hair) he states, "If I were to make any distinction, after years as a professional stylist, it would be between a healthy head of hair and an unhealthy head of hair. In my practice, that is what really determines good or bad hair. And healthy hair trumps all textures and types!" In other words whether you have kinky hair or not you have "good hair" if you take care of it. So know yourself or get to know yourself and understand that you are not a mistake.

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