Thursday, March 27, 2008

What your man gotta do with me?

Recent recurring incidents have prompted me to ask this question: Why is it that men today don't care if you say you are married, engaged, or seeing someone else, they simply reply; "Is it serious?" "Are you committed to him?" "Don't you have room for friends?" A few years ago if I didn't feel like being bothered by someone's advances, I would tell the guy I was with someone else and this would be my sure-fire way to get them to back off, but now....ha! that only seems to intrigue them more like it is a game to win or something! I can't be like some of my friends or sisters and just say "hey I am not interested in you!" or "leave me alone!" I don't know there is this sympathetic gene I have or something, and I don't like to turn people down that harsh, unless a person gets really sarcastic with me; then all bets are off and the darker side of me emerges. Or why do the "playas" think that every woman can be played? Don't they know that there are some women out there who are on to the game? Some people may wonder how this is possible for me to run across this being a Muslim woman, but I am here to tell you that many men will hit on any woman if they find her attractive enough----heck many times looks may not have anything to do with it for some men!

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