Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Opportunity knocked, but I didn't answer the door in time

Well the voicemail message from the other day , may just be a missed opportunity. A summary of what happened: I came home from work a few days ago feeling exceptionally tired from all the stress of Wally World and I fell asleep right away when I awoke it was early afternoon and I noticed that I had missed a couple of phone calls so I proceeded to check my voicemails and that was when I discovered the call from the company looking for manager trainees, saying that they were interested in talking to me. Of course I was excited, a real salary, and a chance to escape the hell that is Wally World; alas with many things in my life so far, I should have known not to get too happy until the fairytale became a reality. I called the personnel lady back at the number she left, but I got her voicemail and she hasn't called back :( I know they are doing alot of hiring for various locations and those who they call, that actually answer the phone, are the lucky ones. Fortunately this does not have me feeling depressed or anything, as I said I try to keep striving these days, even if I have a setback. Besides, I am happy about my upcoming trip to NC to visit with a friend for a few days. I hardly ever get to take a trip for leisure so even if I have to scrape up the money for gas and I will only be spending 3 days there, I am excited! On another note I would like to participate in this meme that I read over at The Ranting Monkey's blog which he borrowed from another blogger who was tagged by another blogger etc. etc. and the circle continues, anyway here we go: The rules are simple. You are to write a six word memoir about yourself. And then tag six people. So here is my six word memoir-----She lived her life in wonder.


LastStand said...

How can ya even dream of leaving Wally World? The place is so should be noted that I am often sarcastic and it doesn't always translate well over the internet.


If I may, what do you do for Wally World?

Wasaski said...

Me I am at the bottom of the totem pole; well almost---I am a stocker. So I feel my talents are being wasted and since I orignally took this as a side gig and now it has become my main thing right now, I gotta as soon as possible!