Thursday, March 27, 2008


I leave a trail on the net (like many) and sometimes I would like to keep up with the comments I leave for others so I have decided to preserve the ones I like on my own blog (well at least for now). Today's footprints include, but not limited to a stop at Print and Pattern , [ As usual wonderful pictures! Could you suggest a good website in the UK or anywhere else abroad that sells fabrics similar to some of the designs you have showcased here before? I would really love to get my hands on something fun and unique! ] Geek Interrupted ,[ Bacon Ice Cream??!! Ok that is just soo wrong sounds disgusting! Ever try it? ] and finally over at HNK's blog , [ I know it doesn't seem like it now, but after hardship, will come ease. You are in a situation that many people have never experienced, and just the very fact that you are able to keep this blog up is a testament to your strength. So please just keep striving and don't be too hard on yourself :) ]. This footprint is from the other day over at Ranting Monkey's post entitled, "Crossroads" , [ I have found myself in this delema before. At my old crappy job I think I stayed so long and didn't actively pursue trying to find something better, because I was too use to my environment, and always felt bad about leaving my manager, as she relied heavily on me. Then at some point I knew I had to move; the company was changing for the worst, and I foresaw a life 5 to 10 years later when I was in my 30's and unhappy because I had never really pursued my ambitions, besides that I was losing my social life because I was working so much and for crumbs. The ironic thing is that even though I remained loyal to her, when I told her I was leaving at the time, she was not too happy about it. I asked her if she could keep me on the payroll just in case I had decided to come back (which she had done for a few previous workers when they had left)and she agreed. I figured they owed me that much since I had grown up with that company and had contributed much. But about a month later I had called, and I found out she had taken me off of payroll and had resigned me. I lost the 100 hours of vacation time I was due in about 2 months, and had only a couple of weeks to roll my 401K over, and I would not have found out if I hadn't called there; So much for 8 years of service and loyalty! Now I have a another job that is crappy but I am making more money than I was making at the other crappy job, and with a lesser position; more importantly I am not satisfied with just staying there, it is just a stepping stone to something better God-willing. ] Of course no net session would be complete without a visit to Bent Objects and Basic Instructions (today's strip is especially funny) for a dose of laughter. If you have never visited these sites, you should definitely check them out! Too hilarious!


bowie style said...

hi wasaki,
you were asking for places to buy cool fabrics, here are my faves :

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