Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogging--you don't just write them; you read them

One thing about blogging is I like to read other people's blogs as well, which I had the opportunity to do a little of yesterday and today. I try to read most on my list often. Some of my more favorite reads from my list are Thoughts Reflections and More Ramblings , Adventures in Motherhood , Print and Pattern , Bent Objects , (for a good laugh:) and Lens of Lufias . However I must say my absolute favorite to read is Rickshaw Diaries , she always has very well written, and insightful posts. I especially love one of her recent posts, "The Geography of Bliss" which you can read here . It kind of corresponds to my previous post (which is worth checking out too ;). If you have the chance, check out her blog.

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Salaam & thank you for your kind comments! :)