Saturday, October 20, 2007

My blog and I suffer when I do not blog

Wow this limited Internet access thing is getting a little old :S on the bright side I have been able to focus a little more on my goals that I am trying to reach I have completed some bags and taken pictures, that I will be posting soon (well eventually) provided I get the website issues taken care of. I feel like it has been months since I have last blogged. I have much I would like to blog about, work, new people= new drama; so much tension there you could cut it with a knife, and how did I manage to get loosely mixed up in it??, my real and not just figurative progress I have made with my project, small little baby steps, but steps nonetheless. I have only had time to read a small selection of my favorite blogs, and am hoping for the day when I can have unlimited Internet access again and am able to read some of your blogs and vent on my own blog whenever and wherever I want. Right now I have to dash, as I have a lunch date with a friend of mine who I have not seen in years....Updates coming....eventually.