Saturday, October 6, 2007


  • I dream I am walking.
  • Walking in the desert; nothing around me or behind me.
  • Nothing except the white warm sand.
  • I am not hot, nor do I feel any discomfort.
  • My clothes are clean and light.
  • I am traveling alone, but I am not worried or lonely.
  • My soul feels free and cleansed.
  • Further ahead of me I can see a well of water and the sun shining beautifully.
  • I do not look away, for the sun does not blind me; it welcomes me.
  • I am not thirsty, but the well is there for me.
  • I go forward, with no afterthought of what I leave behind.
  • For what awaits me is far better than what I leave.
  • The end of anguish and the beginning of never-ending bliss.

Is age just a number?

Ok this is another one related to Wally World. As I said before Wally World has the nickname Club Wally World, because so many people use it as a meeting and hangout place. I've also mentioned that many associates, mostly the females have to deal with the advances of some of the customers as well as their fellow associates. On the overnight shift we have quite a few young guys that are between 18-20 and that does not stop them from making passes at some of the females that are slightly older, or more than slightly older. One comment I am tired of hearing from some of them is, "age is just a number." But is it really? Many of these 19 year old guys who say this act pretty immature. And no I do not say this because they like to have fun or goof off, (heck even I can be pretty goofy when I am with my friends) but most of them are still at that stage where they have not yet left boyhood. I have seen maybe 2 exceptions there. They don't yet understand that there is a difference in being young and not stuffy, and just plain childish. I think there are times and circumstances when age does not matter, but for the most part it does play a big part on the relationship.

  • What do you think do you really think that age is just a number? I am more interested in this from the older female younger guy perspective. But you can comment on both angles.

My maternal instincts are in overdrive

I think my maternal instincts are growing even more stronger. I mentioned in this post that seeing children suffer really makes me cry. I can't watch a Feed The Children infomercial without crying the whole way through, or seeing sickly children, or homeless children. Now I am even getting choked up when it is something happy. For example my niece was watching Disney Channel and I happened to catch one of the commercials, and it was showing a little girl who is into photography, like her father, whom is a professional photographer. At the end of the commercial she expressed that her dream was to one day collaborate on a photography book with her dad. I don't know why, but at that moment, I was completely choked up and moved to tears. I started thinking, "oh man, why am I crying." I mean I know it was touching but sheesh. I truly think that for most women at some point in their lives, if they have not had kids yet, their biological clock starts ticking more rapidly. It's like your body is trying to tell you that someday soon you will have to deal with menopause and you may want to consider having a child or two, before it becomes hard or too late. I know I am only 26, but once you reach 30, it gets more difficult with the passing years.
  • What do you think? Do you think that women do have a biological clock that they begin to become more aware of at some point in their lives?

Another sneak attempt...

It is early morning and I am blogging, but it will not be much as I am having to sneak this one in as well. I just have a few quick questions and ideas that have been in my head for a few days. So on that note here comes....

Friday, October 5, 2007

Final Thoughts for the day...

I have had the chance to go and read a few of my fav blogs and leave comments, but not all, I hope to soon have normal access to the Internet, and not be on a C.I.VAC. When I once again have access to blog regularly, it will be business as usual. In the meantime, I am working and making progress with my bags slowly but surely. is now about time for me to go back to Wally World (read previous post for related matter) Until next time.....

It has been 9 days since I have blogged

Wow it has seemed like an eternity since I last blogged. I have very limited access to the Internet right now....heck to a computer right now. I feel like I could write so much, but I will do that when I have regular access again (I am sneaking this opportunity). I am blogging this early in the morning because I am on an extra long break from Wally World. We were called to a meeting at 11:30pm only to be told that they forgot to let us know that they would be doing some electrical work and that they wanted us to clock out at midnight, and return at 3:00am :O Some people said they did not plan on coming back, of course this was not within earshot of management. I will go back as I would rather come back for an additional four to five hours, then come in on a day off and make up the time. That is one reason I decided to blog; to stay awake ;)