Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wow amazing story

I was at Digg and found this amazing story the title description was enough to lure me in, but then I found out it was in my birthplace of Philadelphia, so I had to read read the story here

Monday, September 24, 2007

One final post for the road

If you come to this blog today or before I post a new topic on top of this, make sure you read the last 3 posts underneath this one, a few days worth of blogging sensation that I had to suppress. Also if you happen to click on any of the links to other sites, and you leave them a commment, let them know how you found out about their site. Linkage and all that jazz. I know I hate it when someone says, "I found your blog through another site or blogger, and I have no idea who that is, it would be nice to know a little more about how peolple are finding your blog. The feedburner and technorati helps some, but it is not 100%. Well for me anyway. Signing off until next time.....

What I learned online today: The challenge

So many cool and different things I have learned online recently, you know how I really prefer facebook over myspace, well I have just found even more reason to love it, I have found 2 very good blogging groups there. Also thanks to one of my blogging/facebook contacts-thanks shaz , I have realized the benefits of the Mashable blog site. It is the#1 blog about the most popular social networking sites. I signed up for it sort of by accident before, and really didn't give it much of a second thought, but they actually have very valuable info for utilizing the social network sites to the fullest, as well as keep you informed of all the new applications, and on top of all that gives some good info for bloggers often as well. Facebook has become such a popular social networking site, that Stanford University has designed a course about it . Gotta love the Ivy league schools, "Oh the things you can think, if only you try." Next item- Blog Rush , oh yes people it does work, I find myself scrolling down to the bottom of my page and checking the post titles, I have found 2 really good blogs through Blog Rush already. One of those blogs you can view here and the other is a Piece of Shirt , no that wasn't a typo. A piece of shirt is a blog about...you guessed it shirts, well t-shirts to be precise. The reason I like the blog is because it has links to really cool t-shirt sites. Two of them in particular are Johnny Cupcakes his story about how he started is another inspirational entrepreneur story, for those who have ideas, but are too fearful to give them a try. After you read his story though, be sure and check out the t-shirts! The other really cool T-shirt store is Threadless Chicago they have a really unique approach in that some of their fans are able to design some of the shirts. It goes like this, you have an idea for a cool t-shirt you submit it to them, and they post the ideas for everyone to vote on, if your design is made into a shirt, you get $2000 dollars + a $500 dollar gift certificate, and membership into the alumni club. In addition if your design is reprinted, you get an additional $500 everytime they reprint. If you are not artistically inclined, you can enter an original slogan and possibly win $200 dollars. Some bloggers who I think have the creative aptitude either though their ramblings, or their artistic display are Bent Objects , Kartoen , and The Ranting Monkey , I would mention Basic Instructions , but they already sell their own line of t-shirts. So if any of you happen to read this there is a challenge for you I would be interested to see what you could come up with. Moving on-I was considering moving my blog to another blog format, but I may change my mind after I check out some of the blog layouts that have been graciously formatted for blogger by Blog and Web . I may try to change the layout soon, and this time I hope I do not lose my links, I will take some different precautions this time so hopefully... Finally my new fav. online tool is Sketchcast.com. It is this really interesting widget that you can embed in your blog posts, or send your visitors to your channel, to view you sketches. You can record your voice into it, if you have a microphone, while you draw. Click here to see what I mean. I tried to embed mine in a post, but it did not work for me.

You ever get the feeling that things are not as they seem...

Ok a quick one about Wally World; someone told me once not to blog about Wally World, but I work there, I don't like it, but yet it is a part of my livelihood right now, so it affects me and therefore I will blog about it when I see fit.
  • Headline: Corruption at Wally World! I have mentioned before how people steal alot from Wally World. They steal just about anything, toothbrushes, pencils candy, condoms, you name it. Although majority of this comes from the customers, some items prompt you to believe that it is an inside job, such as the theft of electronic items, computers, televisions etc. Yes I did just say computers and televisions lol. Well we had had a couple of laptops stolen within the past few months, and the other day they believe they have caught the culprit. I was greeted at work Saturday night by my co-worker who told me that our suspicions as to why they were locking our trash compactor; which was causing the stockers the inconvenience of having to call out in vain (they rarely respond to your plea of help) for a member of management to come open it, were true. I had told her not too long ago that they must have their eye on someone who they think is stealing, because they were locking the compactor. Lo and behold she informed me that one of our co-workers was escorted off the premises for stealing a laptop. Wow I never would've guessed that that particular person was doing that. But it doesn't end there. At Wally World gossiping is notorious, especially in the break room (which is why I usually steer clear of the place), so of course there was more to the story. Apparently the accused named 2 other accomplices--none other than a lead associate and an assistant manager! The assistant manager who the rumor pinpoints, does not show any sign of being reprimanded from the co-manager or anything, so I do not know if they have not informed the 2 individuals that the accused mentioned their names, or if they are just watching them and waiting to catch them somehow, or my real theory is the lead associate who is new, was a mole. I think maybe they have implanted him there as a decoy to lure out some suspected thieves. At any rate I think there is much more to this story, for example there are 2 associates who work back in the electronics area overnight, and these laptops which are locked up, are being stolen under their radar? They do not take a break a the same time, one has to wait until the other comes back. But conveniently everytime a laptop is stolen they are not even able to know what happened? I have never really trusted one of the associates from the very beginning, it has always been something peculiar about that person to me, even most people don't see it. I think someday more to this story- the truth and not just rumors and gossip, will come about. Incidentally now we really feel like a criminals at work. I am afraid to take my mobile phone [which I use to keep on vibrate does not matter now; no service :( ] in and out of my pocket just for fear that they are looking at me and assuming I am putting products in my pocket lol. Another coworker commented that it was so tense that it even had some of us second guessing ourselves. How true....

I am blogging today

Ha ha so much so much. Well I am blogging today... first thing:

  • I have a new store ( cick here to visit it), well it does not actually sell my stuff, it is more of a consignment deal, I suggest and sell products for other websites. So we will see how that goes trying out new things. etc. There are some really good books on blogging in the books & manga category.
  • Next I have found a host for my site, but I am in the process of tweeking it and of course I need to hurry along and finish some bags so that I can list them.
  • I have been trying to check out all the blogs in my link list. I have deleted a few that I don't read enough, and have added a few. arrggh many good blogs out there.

There is so much going online I will have to write about it in another post, new topic and all.