Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spanish Phrase of the Day

Eres un petardo--You're a pain/real bore.


Have you ever had your heart-broken before, and felt like you would not get over it? This is a poem I wrote at one period in my life:
  • Lies
  • Obsession
  • Vagueness
  • Emptiness

After the fog fades and reality comes into visibility, this is what is left. The after effects of love gone sour.

(Looking back on it now, I think how dramatic lol)

Just Like a Woman.....

  • Went to blog explosion
  • signed up
  • got html code for blog explosion widget
  • went back and saw a cuter widget that matched site better
  • got that widget instead

Clarification 2

Just some further thoughts on a previous post ....I know alot of people may think that I am implying that bloggers who blog on a variety of random topics, are "sell-out bloggers" however that is not what I mean. One of the many blogs I read is Seth's Blog . His posts are on a variety of topics, but he gives his opinions on them. You can tell he either has a personal interest in them , or he has done his research. The blogs I was referring to are ones where the post seems to exist solely as an ad (and not a very good one either). We all know we are being pitched with an idea or product all the time, we just want to be ignorant to the fact that is happening. Would I make money off my blog if I could? Sure! Absolutely. Places like pay you to post on certain topics, and I would take advantage if I could, but I would try to pick the topics that interest me. If I did decide on a new topic that I had no knowledge of, I would at least research the subject and then formulate an opinion, so that my posts would have some clarity and direction. You may see me post about different topics and current events sometimes, but I will try to make sure I have invested some time in understanding the topic, and therefore relay it as I understand it.

ebay is taking over!

Well I went over to my favorite auction site Click here for your favorite eBay items to relist an item, and I was stunned to see an advertisment for Sykpe. I have been reading alot about Skype on the internet, but had no idea it was owned by ebay. I am a fan of ebay, but apparently I had not kept up on the news. ebay has been and still is not only one of the hottest auction sites, but one of the hottest and most popular websites/businesses in the world. ebay's reach extends far beyond auctions, and now ebay has introduced Skype....It is amazing how companies like ebay start out as a personal endeavor that catpults into this huge sucessful business . It does encourage those of us who have dreams of owning our own businesses some day. Some other companies that ebay owns are: which I have used before and it is a great site, , -a free classified website, , -for the top ebay sellers who have feedback scores in the thousands and hundred thousands, -a website where you can buy and sell tickets to any event (sports to broadway shows), and -I have also heard the buzz about this website online, but did not know it was an ebay owned site. These are not the only companies ebay is affililated with, but just some of the more popular ones. Below I give some basic info taken form the ebay site, on and Skype, because these are really cool websites.
  • Join 3,415,622 Stumblers & Discover New Sites Channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations. Join StumbleUpon Today > Connect, Meet and Share Connect with friends and share your discoveries, meet people that have similar interests, and check out what other people are discovering
  • Skype to Skype allows users to call other Skype users anywhere in the world for free. Always. Skype Out is a cheap way to call cell and landlines around the world. Learn more about our rates. SkypeIn a phone number from any US (some international) area code that reaches you on Skype. Video Smile, wave or say hello to anyone, anywhere in the world with free one-to-one video conversations. Video Chat/Multichat Up to hundred Skype members can chat online together. Bookmark the chat to keep an open forum or track decisions. Skype Voicemail takes your calls when you're busy or offline and allows you to leave a voicemail when the person you're contacting in offline or busy. Chat/Multichat

You can join Skype for free from the ebay website.

  • [note* Skype was founded by European entrepreneurs, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, and was later aquired by ebay in September 2005 for more technical info about Skype visit Wikipedia ]

Friday, September 14, 2007


.............Master Poet.............
  • Words that are in code; waiting to be deciphered.
  • Words that make you ponder
  • Words that excites your imagination
  • Words that are complex
  • Words that force you to extend your mind to greater capacities
  • Words that awaken your senses; forces you to see, feel, hear, smell and taste everything as if it were your first time.
These are the key ingredients that make a Master poet and his words make me feel inadequate.

Blogging Is Taking Over!-But Like the Starving Artist You May Have To Work Extra Hard Until You See That Big Break.

I can't believe how much of a phenomenon blogging has become! It is estimated that there is at least 71 million blogs out there! Now I must say that a good percentage of these are also said to be inactive as well, but that is still alot of people blogging. Which brings me to the few reasons people are blogging. Some people are blogging purely for self-expression and status updates for a small private fan-base such as family and friends, while others want to introduce their literary talents to the world. Still others are blogging solely with the purpose of profiting from their blogs. I think I along with many other bloggers, I fit into an evolved category of people which begin blogging to express themselves, and possibly gain a small following along the way, but then we are introduced to the possibilities of earning revenue from our blogs. You get caught up in the excitement of people who claim they have become rich and they will tell you all the secrets to being successful, "just like them!" While there are some bloggers whose tips actually work, many of them are just gaining more publicity-therefore more revenue- for their blog. I also happen to notice that many of the popular blogs that get top listings at places such as Technorati and Bloglog , are related to "Making Money With Your Blog" and/or technical blogs. Coming in a close second are the blogs that are about celebrity gossip, or just racy in nature. A few of the blogs that tell you they will show you how to make money, tell you to write about what's hot! While it may very well be true that alot of readers are into that type of content, I think it is watering down the essence of blogging, by writing just to keep up with the trends. If that is truly your style i.e you are a gossip queen or king who just loves keeping up with the latest news, then by all means that is what your blog should be about. However if you are randomly posting topics that you don't know about, feel any connection too, or like, why write it? This is not to say you can't blog about current events around the world, if your blog is about "dogs." If you are moved about a particular topic whatever it is write it down. Blog It. In my opinion a blog that is totally random, with the author all over the place babbling about topics that clearly you can see that have no real interest, expertise, or personal interest in, is a waste.... So blog about what drives and inspires you to write, and earn your fans and audience. Maybe it may take you awhile to earn revenue, but if you have a blog that shows some quality, you will have longevity, and a fan base that will follow you will all the others have died out......

Thursday, September 13, 2007


To all my bloggin buddies and readers who are observing the month of Ramadan you know what this means: *~!!RAMADAN MUBARAK!!~*

Lines Overheard......My Journey

I overheard this at work last night: "You know your deodorant is working when you take a shower, and wash your armpits, and the deodorant still does not wash off." hmmm........

Myspace-My Journey

This is a post I put in my blog at Myspace. I don't really blog there, but I was reflecting on this and just decided to post it. Title: Thinking_ Current mood: contemplative_ Category: blogging-- People grow up and evolve and if you don't keep up you miss out on everything. If you are fortunate enough to reconnect, then you may be surprised at what you learn, and how much has changed...... I wrote this somewhere else listed under my heroes: Those individuals who have the courage to do what's right, even when everyone is doing wrong. Who is your hero??

Technical Difficulties

I was having some issues with changing the html code for redesigning the layout of the blog, and in the end I decided to keep the orig. layout, but in the process, I lost most of my widgets and links and all of my links. So I had to manually redo everything. So I am still updating my links for other blogs I read. So if you were there before and no longer see your blog in the list, I will update soon, or some of them may be listed at the other blog.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time For Another I.VAC.

Well I made it through my blogging marathon and now I think I will take some well deserved rest...hopefully..........................

Hot Trends--No It's not Vanessa Hudgens or Brittany Spears

I mosied on over to my favorite auction website and the future secondary home of my handbags. Click here for your favorite eBay items I stopped by because I had to leave feedback for a seller. I was greeted with the the what's hot page that has the current featured items. Much to my surprise the advertisement was for one of this Fall's hottest items: Animal Print. I guess I should not have been surprised, as this was forecast to be a hot item this season, as it has been for quite a few seasons. In fact animal print seems to be timeless! You can pick up this season's fabulous handbags, jackets, skirts, blouses, and dresses in a variety of animal print colors and skins. There are some really cool and interesting looking animal prints this year for all ages and trust me you won't find these animals roaming at your local zoo either!
*Click on Post Title and highlighted words for links to access some of this season's animal print choices.

Things That Make Me Cry

I thought I would eventually write about some of the things that make me cry sad tears, since I have already written about some of the things that would make me cry tears of happiness(*see "decisions decisions and acting upon those decisions") I just did not think It would be today. Today I was once again struck with one of the number one things that make me cry: a child suffering. I had a horrible scare this morning. My 4 year old nephew awoke complaining and crying tears of agony that his abdomen was hurting. But it was not your normal "Mommy I have a tummy ache" complaints either. He was in severe pain and could not even sit still. Every ten seconds he would wince and cry. It was at that moment my mum decided to take him to the emergency room. She hoped that they would see him as she was not his legal guardian, but my sister (his mother) had left to go to work 2 hours before that. But we knew something could be terribly wrong. He was saying things like, "Here it comes again, I need to see a doctor!" and "My stomach is full;I can't breathe!" Hearing that come from a little 4 yr old, was astonishing and scary. My mum asked me if I could quickly wash him and put his clothing on. As I was doing this he cried out again "I can't take this anymore!" At that point the composure I was trying to maintain caved in I had to turn him over to my other sister and I ran away crying. I did not want him to see me and feel even more uncomfortable and scared. I couldn't stand to see him go through that, when he is so small and seemingly helpless. I could have stayed buried in m room crying, but I knew I had to pull it together, because I had to drive my mum to the emergency room. Thank GOD my car had not completely turned off yet. When I dropped off my mum and my nephew at the emergency room, I had to immediately drive to another neighboring city to pick my sister up from work so that she could go to the hospital. It took about 50 mins to get from the hospital to her job, so I had relaxed a little but as I pulled up to the curb and saw her waiting, I almost lost my composure again. I just started thinking about what could be wrong, and if it was something serious, how she would be really upset. But I held it together. Once I drove her back to the hospital, I had to leave because there was a strong chance that my car could turn off at any given moment. Another one of my sisters came to stay with them until they were ready to leave, while I went home. I was very relieved when they returned and said that the doctors gave him an enema, and said it was nothing serious; Alhumdullilah (All praise is due to GOD). He is resting he is still very uncomfortable because of the enema, but nothing like what he went through earlier. I can't even watch the TV infomercials about starving, sick, homeless children abroad without weeping; it literally stabs at my heart to see a little child experiencing pain and sadness that deep. That truly makes me cry......My Journey

Spanish Phrase of The Day---Complements of My Facebook Page

Voy a tadar media hora larga-----I'll take 30 to 45 mins

9/11 Rememberance?-----My Journey

Today in my area a local Radio Station was passing out American Flag Stickers, to "honor the heroes of 9/11" as they put it. Is this really a relevant way to remember the victims? Or is this just another way for companies who manufacture flags, and flag related items to make money? because not everyone is giving them away for free. Isn't there a more relevant way of having a memorial? I hate when companies or individuals try to make money off of an unfortunate or tragic situation. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Some people were selling extra generators at 3 times their worth. Pretty sad.....

My Response To a Question at Yahoo Questions Concerning Facebook

Can someone help me understand facebook? I tried creating an account just for fun but it makes no sense to me. It's not easy to search for other members and view their pages. I just don't get it. I created a myspace account and it was pretty user friendly, so I expected this to be easy as well. I haven't been on since my initial sign up. Any suggestions?------------------------------------------- Facebook is about connecting with people who are within your network, in other words your regional area. If you don't already have friends at Facebook, then you can join a school network, work network, or a geographical network. This does not mean you cannot connect with people outside you network. Facebook has tons of fun groups and with members from different networks around the world. Once you join a group, you can share ideas and meet more buddies through your different groups. In addition they have many downloadable applications that you can add to your profile page such as glitter text, games, youtube etc. much like the things you can add at Myspace, only a little more classier. You can also go to and get different applications to add to your Facebook page as well.~~Wasaski My Journey

Early Morning Ramblings; Too Much Clutter; I Need My Space

I went to Myspace to try to IM one of my buddies there ( the only reason I got the account) and I was soo turned off by the website. I really don't know why I am creeped out by the place, and it seems so cluttered as well. It took me forever just to try and send an IM. I can honestly say I definately prefer Facebook over Myspace. But I will try and keep the account active, because I don't think I can convince my 2 buddies to come to Facebook. My Journey

Monday, September 10, 2007

More Pictures From This Morning

Love it Love it Love it! Here are more pics I took of Ms. D. (the ex-coworker who I made the special trip out to see; her personality reminds me of how grandmother's was) and some more fabrics. I had plenty more beautiful ones, but I could not upload them all.

This Morning (9/10/07/)

This morning, I was suppose to go to my interview today, but I had to reschedule due to car related issues. I had to postpone my payment for this month :( and the dealer said that is fine, because I have been making my payments in a timely manner up until now, but (there is always a but) there is nothing he can do to keep my car from turning off and locking down. Many new car dealerships are installing those electronic devices on the cars that will automatically shut the car off, after so many days of the payment not being made. I will be without the use of my car for about a week and a half :( I am at the mercy of my sister who also works overnights, but at a different job, to take me to work, and I will walk back home in the morning. I am not looking forward to this next week and a half....
This morning I also decided to visit a few old coworkers (who were quite happy to see me) at my old job. Going there now is bittersweet. In some ways I miss the place, because of a few people, but at the same time I still have some resentment towards the way I was treated by the company. One thing I miss, but I am glad that I am not around to see it, is all the wonderful textiles. I love fabric! I love coming up with different ideas and designs. However I am glad I am not surrounded by it at work anymore, it keeps me from spending money I do not have. I did splurge a little today and brought 3 small pieces mainly for my bags. I did not feel too guilty either as I have not brought fabric in a very long time, and it is rare for me to have even $5.00 to spend on myself. I didn't really have it to spare today either, but I made an allowance for my actions. Funny how that works....,.

Last Night

Last night was the usually lack luster night at Wally World I went in loathing having to be there. I prayed that it would be pretty slow, with not much nocturnal shoppers, and that the most annoying co-workers would not bother to talk to me. Well at Wally World that rarely happens. Besides having the nickname "Wally World" the store has other names it is known as, such as "Club W.M." because it is such a social gathering place. People come in dressed (or barely) to impress and on the prowl. It's Friday Night and where do you go to hang out and meet people? Is it a fancy restaurant, or the local nightclub? Wrong! it is "Club W.M." The #1 destination in your weekend social festivities; the first stop you make before hitting any other clubs. This is not necessarily good for those of us who want to do our job and go home at 7am. People linger in the "too-narrow-for-25-people-to-fit-in" aisles, and catch up with current affairs, tell tasteless, crude, and really-not-that-funny jokes about each other or random people, conveniently find ways to "accidentally" brush up against or touch you or other people, and my personal favorite have an occasional game of "lets-sling-products-at-each-other-." It makes trying to maneuver around people in the tight space and put away the freight a "little" difficult. Surprisingly enough, last night was not too bad, I think this had something to do with the tropical storms brewing. I thought to myself, "Great I can get through this night without anyone bothering me" as I was not in a very good mood. But of course it wouldn't be a Wally World night if you did not have at least one annoying situation. So just as I was thinking how wonderful it was not to have anyone in the way, standing between me and my work along comes two quirky females. I was not in the mood for quirky. I kept it in of course being trained in the arts of "good customer service." I had to endure a half-hour visit from these ladies in my aisle, and a stupid conversation concerning the shampoo and conditioner. --OK I'll admit I am female, and I too can take a minute to decide about the right products to buy, but at some point you make a decision.-- But what made the conversation special was that the commentators were two ditzes. I painstakingly had to listen to a conversation that went something like this, " Ha ha, tee hee, SHAMPOO, ha ha, blah, blah, PANTENE, blah,blah, SUAVE tee hee, ha ha, I LOVE THAT SONG, blah, blah, blah, SHAMPOO tee hee." OK, seriously shampoo is not that funny... Was the conversation even about shampoo? I know I wasn't a happy little camper last night so maybe I was especially irritated, but they were standing in the way of the section where I had alot of freight to put up. Why did I not just say, "excuse me but I need to get right where you're standing" you ask? Because then that would have meant I actually would have to speak to them, and given the mood I was in, my lack of adequate sleep before coming to work, the 1:30am time frame, and the fact that I did not want to mar my reputation for being a good customer service worker, I decided to work around them, putting out what little freight I could and try not to appear annoyed... Just when I thought I could hold it in no longer they made a decision. aaahhh safe

Directing Traffic with Links---My Journey

My new posts will now look a little different. Sometimes if there is a bold word in the post, that may mean you can click on the title of the post and and you will be redirected to a link.--------- Gaining traffic to you website or blog can be a tedious task; one that is often explained to you in muddled techie jargon, and if you are a real computer techie then it is no problem, but for the novice it is a bit intimidating and disappointing. So is it important to have high traffic to your website or blog? well I suppose it is if you are looking to profit from your writing, but if you enjoy a more personal setting with just a few readers then you could care less. If you are like the former rather than the latter (I am somewhere in between the two), then why not check out one of my frequent read websites at Make Money With Kassper , and learn some of his great tips on how you can Make Money Online The one article that really gave me a better understanding was SEO Series Batch 8 Once I read through it I had a better understanding of how the Google Optimization worked. I will try some of his tips and see if I can get any results from it.

Spanish Phrase of the Day---Complements of My Facebook Page

Te voy a dar----You're going to get it!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Simpons likeness is as good as it gets

Meet Rain & Wasaski: Click on picture to enlarge view
I have seen a few people online with The Simpsons Avatar and have wanted to play around with making one. So I checked out The Simpson's Movie site and it is pretty fun. You have quite a few choices for skin colors, hair, facial features etc. but not too much clothing choices. You can be adult male, adult female, or a child. You can make one that is your likeness in cartoon form (don't expect your spitting image), or you can create a fantasy character. If you're really adventurous you can upload a picture, and they will make a Simpson avatar for you. Then you save them on your computer and use them as avatars. Pretty useless but fun anyway :D Click on the post title to go directly to The Simpson's' Movie website and get started making your own avatar!

Technically I am long over due--

Technorati Profile I just joined Technorati today; why didn't I do it before? Oh yes I remember now..... I went to the sight one day a couple of months ago and it was down. I just never bothered going back.