Saturday, August 25, 2007

Priorities in order...I suppose

37%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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I found this link to take this blogging addiction test @ "Life Is Not A Game To Lose" I have noticed that a few bloggers have taken this quiz so I was a little curious too. I am happy to know that I am not obsessed with blogging. I blog enough, but I have not taken it to the extreme. It is a good thing too because if I spent too much time blogging or on the Internet, I would not have time to pursue my goals. However I also understand what importance the Internet can have in accomplishing some of those goals. So thanks to all those people who are more obsessed with the Internet than me :P ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Workin Hard or Hardly Workin?: People Steal The Darndest Things You Know

Well I had another fun-filled night at Wally World; from associates and customers making passes, coping-a-feel under the disguise of a friendly gesture, to management lying about having access to paychecks until morning and later being caught that night handing out the same inaccessible checks to favored associates, to finding the nights stolen articles. Some favorites of thieves includes, but certainly not limited to, condoms, DVDs and over the counter medicines. Most bizarre stolen item every discovered: empty denture adhesion box. After leaving the "institute" I had my first preliminary interview with the other company today. I was a little offended by the interviewer when she questioned me with ridicule in her voice, as to why I gave up my job at USPS and kept Wally World (just a few months ago I had the 2 as full-time jobs), she acted as if I were stupid and she did not believe my reason. Just because she could not understand it, did not give her the right to try and belittle me. People sometimes have to leave a higher paying job in place of a lower paying one for many reasons, but in my case I was at Wally World when I started the USPS and when I had to quit the USPS, I still had my job at Wally World, so it is not actually as if I left the USPS for W.M. Anyway she told me she would give me a call in the next 5 days if they wanted to do further interviewing and testing, so we will see. The question I hate the most when doing an interview, especially when the job you are applying for is not necessarily the type of work that most people would choose as a life-long career, is "Why do you want to work for us?" "Hmmm let me think,....I need the money right now!" As if you go to McDonalds and apply to be a fry cook because it has been a longtime goal of yours (maybe for some people it is)... "Well now Miss/Mr. tell me why do you want to work at McDonalds?" "Well sir every since I was a little girl/boy I have been dreaming of working under stressful, greasy conditions and earning minimum wage." Don't get me wrong I am not knocking anyone who has to take these kind of jobs, you do what you have to sometimes in order to survive (I know I am), but I am just pointing out the fact that the employer of such establishments should not even bother asking any sane person this question. Unless the applicant has shown up to the interview wearing a I hate McDonalds T-shirt on, then don't bother asking the question......Man I really need to get out of this rat-race.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have just added some links on my blog, and I have chosen to showcase some of these websites in particular, because I actually deal with some of them. I do not want to just promote any and everything especially if I have no personal experience with it; kinda like the celebrity who endorses products that they do not use. I really,really, love eBay! so I will definitely promote them, besides I have sold things there and hopefully will be selling my bags there too eventually. I have just joined a website called that is really cool! If you blog then a part of you probably enjoys the idea of being able to express yourself and chronicle your life. At you can supplement your blog by creating a family history timeline that also acts as a family tree for future generations to enjoy. You add past and present memories to your timeline and you can invite other friends and family to add to your timeline too! It is a really cool site. I wish I had more info from my family's past that I could learn about today, but at least I will be able to leave some info about my family for our future generations. I am also registered at because I am searching for 2 people I chose their site because they were actually very inexpensive, and if you type in your name you can see who is looking for you as well. It's funny because I have never been able to afford any people search services, but I had a little money left in my account from my last book sale at eBay and was able to pay for a membership, because is cheap and accepts Paypal. I have not made any contact with the people I am looking for, but I have not been a member for too long, so eventually I may find them. My progress on my bags has slowed down for the past 2 days, but I will resume my pace in the next day or so. Right now I am interested in getting the minor details ready such as cheap or free marketing ideas, business cards, etc. Also tomorrow I have my first interview with the company I applied for a job with a week ago,and if I get the job it will pay me about the same amount I was making as a casual carrier with the Post Office, so it will be a little better than Wally World. So right now I have a few things going on; just striving, constantly striving, and praying for the day when I finally surface to the top...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update 2

My coworker; the one who lives with and helps take care of her daughter and granddaughter, has told me of a new concern she has right now. Her daughter has decided to join the Reserves, and while that may be ok for some people, I do not think it is good for her. Her mother does not think it is a good idea either. She is joining because she feels as though this is her only option, but the thing is she has not exhausted all her options, and besides that, that is not a good enough reason to commit yourself to something so serious. She has 2 little girls to think about as well, and while she is gone that leaves my co-worker in even more of a bind. So my coworker has been stressing over this for the past few days. I have a couple of friends who joined the army right after high school, not because they really wanted to be in the military, but because they said they felt that since they did not get the best grades in school this was their only option. Not too soon after joining did they begin to regret taking this path and they both eventually had children while they were in, and one of my friends had to leave her 2 kids for a year while she went to Iraq. She said it was one of the hardest things to do, now she is trying to get out. I think if you feel like joining the military because you believe it is a good thing and something you want to do then go ahead and join, but if you are doing it for an easy way out, you are in for a serious awakening..

Update 1

I missed my appointment with the representative from the financial services company that my cousin wanted me to get into, and I have yet to reschedule an appointment because I am not sure if I am willing to commit myself to that endeavour. Right now I keep telling myself I am willing to try any business schemes to get out of debt, but then my heart tells me to hold out for what truly makes me happy. Even if I earn enough money and become "well off", ultimately my goal is still to go back to school and finish what I started. I would like to finish my degree in foreign language and architectural design, as well as become a certified Cardiovascular Technologist. Some associates of mine told me I had to pick one thing, but I don't feel as though I have to, I have been good at juggling more than one thing for the past few years and I want to learn about the things that interest me and not limit myself. If I were to get out of debt now and have enough money to not have to worry about working for awhile, I would still go back to school, because gaining the knowledge I need to do the things I love is what will fulfill me more than just having money. If I were in a better financial state, I could then volunteer my services to good causes, such as designing buildings for non-profit charitable organizations for free, and volunteering at the hospital when I could as a CVT. Even though I feel like I am desperate for some sort of financial relief right now, I still can't bring myself to do absolutely anything, I have to feel right about what I am doing. That's why one of the things I am doing is trying to launch my designs for my bags, that I have been putting off for a few years. I have come to realize that while some people may find instant quick success or a get-rich-quick program that actually works for them, the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs, have a long and tough battle to fight in order to be successful. I am experiencing this as I am trying to juggle keeping my regular crappy job at Wally World, and find time to produce my bags while also trying to find inexpensive ways to gain exposure and marketing. I feel like giving up some days, but as I said before, if I don't try, then I guarantee my failure, so I keep drudging on and praying for the day when I can experience success.