Saturday, October 6, 2007

My maternal instincts are in overdrive

I think my maternal instincts are growing even more stronger. I mentioned in this post that seeing children suffer really makes me cry. I can't watch a Feed The Children infomercial without crying the whole way through, or seeing sickly children, or homeless children. Now I am even getting choked up when it is something happy. For example my niece was watching Disney Channel and I happened to catch one of the commercials, and it was showing a little girl who is into photography, like her father, whom is a professional photographer. At the end of the commercial she expressed that her dream was to one day collaborate on a photography book with her dad. I don't know why, but at that moment, I was completely choked up and moved to tears. I started thinking, "oh man, why am I crying." I mean I know it was touching but sheesh. I truly think that for most women at some point in their lives, if they have not had kids yet, their biological clock starts ticking more rapidly. It's like your body is trying to tell you that someday soon you will have to deal with menopause and you may want to consider having a child or two, before it becomes hard or too late. I know I am only 26, but once you reach 30, it gets more difficult with the passing years.
  • What do you think? Do you think that women do have a biological clock that they begin to become more aware of at some point in their lives?

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