Saturday, October 6, 2007


  • I dream I am walking.
  • Walking in the desert; nothing around me or behind me.
  • Nothing except the white warm sand.
  • I am not hot, nor do I feel any discomfort.
  • My clothes are clean and light.
  • I am traveling alone, but I am not worried or lonely.
  • My soul feels free and cleansed.
  • Further ahead of me I can see a well of water and the sun shining beautifully.
  • I do not look away, for the sun does not blind me; it welcomes me.
  • I am not thirsty, but the well is there for me.
  • I go forward, with no afterthought of what I leave behind.
  • For what awaits me is far better than what I leave.
  • The end of anguish and the beginning of never-ending bliss.


Raghav said...

Tht's Life Honey!

Tht's the Winning Spirit!

captain with out shipmates said...

wow this is really so did you really have a dream like this

Wasaski said...

This is a metaphor, but I was inspired to write this while I was relaxing and reflecting, and it was somewhat of a daydream.