Friday, October 5, 2007

It has been 9 days since I have blogged

Wow it has seemed like an eternity since I last blogged. I have very limited access to the Internet right now....heck to a computer right now. I feel like I could write so much, but I will do that when I have regular access again (I am sneaking this opportunity). I am blogging this early in the morning because I am on an extra long break from Wally World. We were called to a meeting at 11:30pm only to be told that they forgot to let us know that they would be doing some electrical work and that they wanted us to clock out at midnight, and return at 3:00am :O Some people said they did not plan on coming back, of course this was not within earshot of management. I will go back as I would rather come back for an additional four to five hours, then come in on a day off and make up the time. That is one reason I decided to blog; to stay awake ;)

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Raghav said...

Wonderful Reason to stay Awake!
I usually do the same when i have to be awake to attend a call conference or a video chat with the client late at night.

I like almost all the topics tht u cover!