Saturday, October 6, 2007

Is age just a number?

Ok this is another one related to Wally World. As I said before Wally World has the nickname Club Wally World, because so many people use it as a meeting and hangout place. I've also mentioned that many associates, mostly the females have to deal with the advances of some of the customers as well as their fellow associates. On the overnight shift we have quite a few young guys that are between 18-20 and that does not stop them from making passes at some of the females that are slightly older, or more than slightly older. One comment I am tired of hearing from some of them is, "age is just a number." But is it really? Many of these 19 year old guys who say this act pretty immature. And no I do not say this because they like to have fun or goof off, (heck even I can be pretty goofy when I am with my friends) but most of them are still at that stage where they have not yet left boyhood. I have seen maybe 2 exceptions there. They don't yet understand that there is a difference in being young and not stuffy, and just plain childish. I think there are times and circumstances when age does not matter, but for the most part it does play a big part on the relationship.

  • What do you think do you really think that age is just a number? I am more interested in this from the older female younger guy perspective. But you can comment on both angles.

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