Sunday, September 16, 2007


True Love

How do you express in words the love you have for the creator of all; the one who knows?

Love from a cup in which affection and devotion continuously flows

How do you explain such feelings of admiration that extends far beyond any category or class?

If you attempt to describe it you would not complete your spiel until you breathed your last

He guides and encompasses everything that is

He receives no assistance from anyone; the ability is unique and it is only his

This he does without ever making an attempt

It is beyond all humanly capacity; a skill from which we are exempt

We are the orginal creation of "The One Who Creates"

A talent of which we can never relate

If you try to pursue the task of describing him, you will be left in awe of the only "All Knowing King"

For he is true beauty, he is most powerful, and merciful; he is everything

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