Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things That Make Me Cry

I thought I would eventually write about some of the things that make me cry sad tears, since I have already written about some of the things that would make me cry tears of happiness(*see "decisions decisions and acting upon those decisions") I just did not think It would be today. Today I was once again struck with one of the number one things that make me cry: a child suffering. I had a horrible scare this morning. My 4 year old nephew awoke complaining and crying tears of agony that his abdomen was hurting. But it was not your normal "Mommy I have a tummy ache" complaints either. He was in severe pain and could not even sit still. Every ten seconds he would wince and cry. It was at that moment my mum decided to take him to the emergency room. She hoped that they would see him as she was not his legal guardian, but my sister (his mother) had left to go to work 2 hours before that. But we knew something could be terribly wrong. He was saying things like, "Here it comes again, I need to see a doctor!" and "My stomach is full;I can't breathe!" Hearing that come from a little 4 yr old, was astonishing and scary. My mum asked me if I could quickly wash him and put his clothing on. As I was doing this he cried out again "I can't take this anymore!" At that point the composure I was trying to maintain caved in I had to turn him over to my other sister and I ran away crying. I did not want him to see me and feel even more uncomfortable and scared. I couldn't stand to see him go through that, when he is so small and seemingly helpless. I could have stayed buried in m room crying, but I knew I had to pull it together, because I had to drive my mum to the emergency room. Thank GOD my car had not completely turned off yet. When I dropped off my mum and my nephew at the emergency room, I had to immediately drive to another neighboring city to pick my sister up from work so that she could go to the hospital. It took about 50 mins to get from the hospital to her job, so I had relaxed a little but as I pulled up to the curb and saw her waiting, I almost lost my composure again. I just started thinking about what could be wrong, and if it was something serious, how she would be really upset. But I held it together. Once I drove her back to the hospital, I had to leave because there was a strong chance that my car could turn off at any given moment. Another one of my sisters came to stay with them until they were ready to leave, while I went home. I was very relieved when they returned and said that the doctors gave him an enema, and said it was nothing serious; Alhumdullilah (All praise is due to GOD). He is resting he is still very uncomfortable because of the enema, but nothing like what he went through earlier. I can't even watch the TV infomercials about starving, sick, homeless children abroad without weeping; it literally stabs at my heart to see a little child experiencing pain and sadness that deep. That truly makes me cry......My Journey

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