Friday, September 14, 2007


.............Master Poet.............
  • Words that are in code; waiting to be deciphered.
  • Words that make you ponder
  • Words that excites your imagination
  • Words that are complex
  • Words that force you to extend your mind to greater capacities
  • Words that awaken your senses; forces you to see, feel, hear, smell and taste everything as if it were your first time.
These are the key ingredients that make a Master poet and his words make me feel inadequate.


hyeon said...

Hi~i'm hyeon. I'm Korean.
do you khow Korea??from asia
Actually, i'm speak English
not well. I find your blog from
liverpool fan blog. I find
new friend about liverpool.
So. Plz answer to me. It is
my e-mail address.
C U :D

Raghav said...
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Wasaski said...

To hyeon:

Liverpool fan? where exactly did you find my blog site please let me
know. To answer your question no I cannot speak Korean. It is on my list of languages that I would love to learn. I do like korean drama shows such as "full house" and "our cursed love" starring Bi Rain aka Jung Ji Hoon. I cannot read your site :( have you ever thought of uploading a site interpreter for your blog so that it can be translated in other
languages like mine has? Anyway please let me know where you got the link from for my site-the exact url, as I would like to visit the site.
Thank You