Monday, September 17, 2007

Online Learning; the good, the bad and the severely disturbing

I think if I were to retake the blogging test now I would not score as low as before :S I really will try to take a few days off. On another I.VAC. I have much work to catch up on with the production process of the bags. But before I go....
  • Things I learned today are: 1. I Really Love! Not only can you get some really cool widgets, and make widgets, but you actually find alot of cool websites through them as well. The site is so User-Friendly as well. I have listed them in my flash box (flash box to the right side of page) of my favorite things because I really, really, like their site.

  • 2. I usually don't see all the Internet-hype videos until the last minute because....usually I'm just not that interested, I don't watch alot on TV and I really do not like watching the majority of the trash that people post at Youtube. One of my contacts suggested that I see this particular video on Youtube and I relented today. The video I saw today was the Brittney Spear's Plea video. (I had seen the buzz about it online, but really was not interested in watching it) I must say it is completely annoying and yet funny. I agree that we are a society in which we are too engrossed in "celebrity" life and that many magazines viciously attack and invade the personal lives of individuals in the limelight. At the same time a "celebrity" should also expect that that type of thing comes with the territory. Personally I could care less what most celebrities do, I have my own life to deal with. But that is not why the guy made the video, he made it for his own personal agenda. What makes the video so annoying is the fact that the guy is clearly either crazy and obsessed, or an attention seeking overreactive person himself. Which after watching it once more, I came to the conclusion that it was both. This guy is clearly out for attention, and he is getting it, because many people are viewing his video and making parody videos in response thereby giving him increased ratings on Ytube. Which is giving him the attention he so strongly craves. Proof of this is the follow-up interview he did with Jimmy Kimmel--- pretty disturbing . I think after seeing the video, I may have nightmares now :(

  • Finally the last thing I learned today (relating to online that is) was that there are alot of blogs out there that are pretty interesting, but I think I have enough in my link list, I don't want too many more as I will not have time to keep up with reading all of them all the time. So I will try to only add a few if I come across any more good ones. I may post a link to another blogger's site from time to time, but I can't add too many more to my link list, as it will take up more space. So when appropriate I will still give linkage, just not a permanent place in my links list.

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