Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Response To a Question at Yahoo Questions Concerning Facebook

Can someone help me understand facebook? I tried creating an account just for fun but it makes no sense to me. It's not easy to search for other members and view their pages. I just don't get it. I created a myspace account and it was pretty user friendly, so I expected this to be easy as well. I haven't been on since my initial sign up. Any suggestions?------------------------------------------- Facebook is about connecting with people who are within your network, in other words your regional area. If you don't already have friends at Facebook, then you can join a school network, work network, or a geographical network. This does not mean you cannot connect with people outside you network. Facebook has tons of fun groups and with members from different networks around the world. Once you join a group, you can share ideas and meet more buddies through your different groups. In addition they have many downloadable applications that you can add to your profile page such as glitter text, games, youtube etc. much like the things you can add at Myspace, only a little more classier. You can also go to www.widgetbox.com and get different applications to add to your Facebook page as well.~~Wasaski My Journey

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