Monday, September 10, 2007

Last Night

Last night was the usually lack luster night at Wally World I went in loathing having to be there. I prayed that it would be pretty slow, with not much nocturnal shoppers, and that the most annoying co-workers would not bother to talk to me. Well at Wally World that rarely happens. Besides having the nickname "Wally World" the store has other names it is known as, such as "Club W.M." because it is such a social gathering place. People come in dressed (or barely) to impress and on the prowl. It's Friday Night and where do you go to hang out and meet people? Is it a fancy restaurant, or the local nightclub? Wrong! it is "Club W.M." The #1 destination in your weekend social festivities; the first stop you make before hitting any other clubs. This is not necessarily good for those of us who want to do our job and go home at 7am. People linger in the "too-narrow-for-25-people-to-fit-in" aisles, and catch up with current affairs, tell tasteless, crude, and really-not-that-funny jokes about each other or random people, conveniently find ways to "accidentally" brush up against or touch you or other people, and my personal favorite have an occasional game of "lets-sling-products-at-each-other-." It makes trying to maneuver around people in the tight space and put away the freight a "little" difficult. Surprisingly enough, last night was not too bad, I think this had something to do with the tropical storms brewing. I thought to myself, "Great I can get through this night without anyone bothering me" as I was not in a very good mood. But of course it wouldn't be a Wally World night if you did not have at least one annoying situation. So just as I was thinking how wonderful it was not to have anyone in the way, standing between me and my work along comes two quirky females. I was not in the mood for quirky. I kept it in of course being trained in the arts of "good customer service." I had to endure a half-hour visit from these ladies in my aisle, and a stupid conversation concerning the shampoo and conditioner. --OK I'll admit I am female, and I too can take a minute to decide about the right products to buy, but at some point you make a decision.-- But what made the conversation special was that the commentators were two ditzes. I painstakingly had to listen to a conversation that went something like this, " Ha ha, tee hee, SHAMPOO, ha ha, blah, blah, PANTENE, blah,blah, SUAVE tee hee, ha ha, I LOVE THAT SONG, blah, blah, blah, SHAMPOO tee hee." OK, seriously shampoo is not that funny... Was the conversation even about shampoo? I know I wasn't a happy little camper last night so maybe I was especially irritated, but they were standing in the way of the section where I had alot of freight to put up. Why did I not just say, "excuse me but I need to get right where you're standing" you ask? Because then that would have meant I actually would have to speak to them, and given the mood I was in, my lack of adequate sleep before coming to work, the 1:30am time frame, and the fact that I did not want to mar my reputation for being a good customer service worker, I decided to work around them, putting out what little freight I could and try not to appear annoyed... Just when I thought I could hold it in no longer they made a decision. aaahhh safe

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