Saturday, September 8, 2007

Too much web helps to keep my spanish up--Introducing Facebook

I know my post titles can be a bit of a conundrum sometimes but that is the way I like it ;).

Not too long ago I joined Facebook because a contact of mine invited me there. I like the place a little too much now I think :S Although I am not like some of those people who live, love, and long for anything MySpace and Facebook related. I like to keep my life exposed to a minimum. I don't invite or accept invitations from everyone in the world to be buddies at these places, I keep my buddy list to a very modest number, and alot of my info is set to private. In fact I never wanted a MySpace account because I did not like the publicity I would see and hear about it. I only recently got an account there because I have too real life buddies who love MySpace and that is one way I keep in touch with them. My MySpace profile is pretty dead through I just joined and that is pretty much it. No fancy pages or anything, and if I can convince them to come to Facebook I will probably disable my account. I don't know what scares me about that site, it just is not my favorite place to interact. I know that there could be plenty of weird people lurking at Facebook as well, but it just does not scare me as much as MySpace and it seems to have just a tad bit more class.

Well anyway I added an application at Facebook that allows me to have a new Spanish phrase a day displayed on my profile. I loved this idea, because when I was in school I majored in Spanish with a minor in Asian studies, I was able to study Chinese reading and writing for a year. That was like a dream to me, I've always loved languages. Every since I was about 9 yrs old, I've pretended that I could speak Spanish. I would walk around the house answering my family's questions or asking them questions in Spamish (that's made up Spanish). I don't know what first attracted me to the Spanish language or Asian languages either. I just took an interest to it. That is why I was so surprised my mother was shocked when I decided to change my major to foreign language during my college career. I've always wanted to know at least 6 languages. But since I've been out of school I have not been keeping up with my studying, and I have forgotten a majority of the language I did learn. That is why I decided to add the Spanish phrase application. Just a fun way to learn a new phrase everyday. I will post it, every time I post here. ......

Other languages I would love to learn: Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Tagalog and Swahili

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