Saturday, September 15, 2007

ebay is taking over!

Well I went over to my favorite auction site Click here for your favorite eBay items to relist an item, and I was stunned to see an advertisment for Sykpe. I have been reading alot about Skype on the internet, but had no idea it was owned by ebay. I am a fan of ebay, but apparently I had not kept up on the news. ebay has been and still is not only one of the hottest auction sites, but one of the hottest and most popular websites/businesses in the world. ebay's reach extends far beyond auctions, and now ebay has introduced Skype....It is amazing how companies like ebay start out as a personal endeavor that catpults into this huge sucessful business . It does encourage those of us who have dreams of owning our own businesses some day. Some other companies that ebay owns are: which I have used before and it is a great site, , -a free classified website, , -for the top ebay sellers who have feedback scores in the thousands and hundred thousands, -a website where you can buy and sell tickets to any event (sports to broadway shows), and -I have also heard the buzz about this website online, but did not know it was an ebay owned site. These are not the only companies ebay is affililated with, but just some of the more popular ones. Below I give some basic info taken form the ebay site, on and Skype, because these are really cool websites.
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  • Skype to Skype allows users to call other Skype users anywhere in the world for free. Always. Skype Out is a cheap way to call cell and landlines around the world. Learn more about our rates. SkypeIn a phone number from any US (some international) area code that reaches you on Skype. Video Smile, wave or say hello to anyone, anywhere in the world with free one-to-one video conversations. Video Chat/Multichat Up to hundred Skype members can chat online together. Bookmark the chat to keep an open forum or track decisions. Skype Voicemail takes your calls when you're busy or offline and allows you to leave a voicemail when the person you're contacting in offline or busy. Chat/Multichat

You can join Skype for free from the ebay website.

  • [note* Skype was founded by European entrepreneurs, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, and was later aquired by ebay in September 2005 for more technical info about Skype visit Wikipedia ]

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Raghav said...

skype is the best way to recieve malware, spyware & trojan horses to u'r machine. i had pretty bad times using it previously.
so be careful. make u'r antivirus stronger & up to date to use skype.

all the best.