Monday, September 10, 2007

Directing Traffic with Links---My Journey

My new posts will now look a little different. Sometimes if there is a bold word in the post, that may mean you can click on the title of the post and and you will be redirected to a link.--------- Gaining traffic to you website or blog can be a tedious task; one that is often explained to you in muddled techie jargon, and if you are a real computer techie then it is no problem, but for the novice it is a bit intimidating and disappointing. So is it important to have high traffic to your website or blog? well I suppose it is if you are looking to profit from your writing, but if you enjoy a more personal setting with just a few readers then you could care less. If you are like the former rather than the latter (I am somewhere in between the two), then why not check out one of my frequent read websites at Make Money With Kassper , and learn some of his great tips on how you can Make Money Online The one article that really gave me a better understanding was SEO Series Batch 8 Once I read through it I had a better understanding of how the Google Optimization worked. I will try some of his tips and see if I can get any results from it.

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