Saturday, September 15, 2007

Clarification 2

Just some further thoughts on a previous post ....I know alot of people may think that I am implying that bloggers who blog on a variety of random topics, are "sell-out bloggers" however that is not what I mean. One of the many blogs I read is Seth's Blog . His posts are on a variety of topics, but he gives his opinions on them. You can tell he either has a personal interest in them , or he has done his research. The blogs I was referring to are ones where the post seems to exist solely as an ad (and not a very good one either). We all know we are being pitched with an idea or product all the time, we just want to be ignorant to the fact that is happening. Would I make money off my blog if I could? Sure! Absolutely. Places like pay you to post on certain topics, and I would take advantage if I could, but I would try to pick the topics that interest me. If I did decide on a new topic that I had no knowledge of, I would at least research the subject and then formulate an opinion, so that my posts would have some clarity and direction. You may see me post about different topics and current events sometimes, but I will try to make sure I have invested some time in understanding the topic, and therefore relay it as I understand it.

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Raghav said...

nice topic tht u covered. why don't u go for freelance blogging... u get paid for tht topic u cover for some particular blog site & it is a good money & a nice job.
all the very best.