Sunday, September 16, 2007

Aaahhh The Joys of the Internet

One more for the road: The Internet can be a very cool place and yet scary at the same time. You can network and meet new people, play games watch videos and T.V., do research, and even start your own business or expand a current one. But there are also things to be concerned about on the net as well, such as predators, identity thieves etc. But the ones that annoy me are the users (or should I say losers) who post at forums and comment on websites and blogs, in the most negative and offensive way. You know the type I mean; the person who not just leaves their feedback, but incites and lures others into a name-calling match and all out trashing and bashing of someone they've never met. I find it very childish and wonder if these people have nothing else better to do with their time than play these games. It is easy to throw insults and threats around so freely behind a computer screen. But I ask, "What's the Point?" Also of annoyance are the extremely needy people who think they are your instant BFF because you belong to the same online community, or they have visited your website once or twice. I ask, "do you not actually get to know a little about a person before you declare them BFF?" If that is what you do in real life, then online should not be an exception. Chat with them in the chatroom a couple of times, or exchange messages or e-mails, before you call that person your BOF Of course the people who are this anxious for you to buddy them are never the sane people either, who maybe if you met in real life you could see yourself being BFF, nooo these are the slightly loony folks. Over at Thoughts, Reflections and More Ramblings e-mino has an interesting, yet funny and all too familiar topic for one of his posts. I think many people can relate to this.


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