Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have just added some links on my blog, and I have chosen to showcase some of these websites in particular, because I actually deal with some of them. I do not want to just promote any and everything especially if I have no personal experience with it; kinda like the celebrity who endorses products that they do not use. I really,really, love eBay! so I will definitely promote them, besides I have sold things there and hopefully will be selling my bags there too eventually. I have just joined a website called that is really cool! If you blog then a part of you probably enjoys the idea of being able to express yourself and chronicle your life. At you can supplement your blog by creating a family history timeline that also acts as a family tree for future generations to enjoy. You add past and present memories to your timeline and you can invite other friends and family to add to your timeline too! It is a really cool site. I wish I had more info from my family's past that I could learn about today, but at least I will be able to leave some info about my family for our future generations. I am also registered at because I am searching for 2 people I chose their site because they were actually very inexpensive, and if you type in your name you can see who is looking for you as well. It's funny because I have never been able to afford any people search services, but I had a little money left in my account from my last book sale at eBay and was able to pay for a membership, because is cheap and accepts Paypal. I have not made any contact with the people I am looking for, but I have not been a member for too long, so eventually I may find them. My progress on my bags has slowed down for the past 2 days, but I will resume my pace in the next day or so. Right now I am interested in getting the minor details ready such as cheap or free marketing ideas, business cards, etc. Also tomorrow I have my first interview with the company I applied for a job with a week ago,and if I get the job it will pay me about the same amount I was making as a casual carrier with the Post Office, so it will be a little better than Wally World. So right now I have a few things going on; just striving, constantly striving, and praying for the day when I finally surface to the top...

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