Thursday, July 26, 2007

My name is....and I'm an ebayaholic

I made another sale on Ebay yesterday! I actually starting using my ebay account a few weeks ago and after 2 successful auctions I am hooked. I had my ebay account for a while but I never sold anything, mostly because I could never afford a decent digital camera, and most auctions without pictures do not do too well. So a little while back I made a sacrifice and brought a digital camera. I have a particular thing in mind that I want to sell, but in the mean time I decided to get rid of somethings that I already had. I sold one of my collections of a Japanese comic book series, and I wanted at minimum USD$30.00. When the auction was over I made over two and a half times that amount. Then next I sold another series, and I was able to get my asking price on that series. Most people become hooked on the bidding and buying aspects of the auction, I am hooked on selling. It's the thrill of writing a winning synopsis of your product and watching as the bidding is slow and then at the last minute the competiton gets fierce and people are trying to beat the clock and their opponent and get the winning bid in at the last minute. Afterwards I get to find out how much I've made :) While I haven't made thousands yet, I am going to try and continue to sell. I may not become the next big eBay star, but maybe I can make a little spare change along the way just another avenue to take during my journey.....

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