Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Step

Today I finally decided to start a blog. I have always thought blogs were a bit risky; having people who don't know you reading about your personal thoughts, was somewhat discomforting to me. Also I believed that people who had blogs were attention-seeking individuals, but I have now come to believe that blogging can be a rewarding experience for many. Being able to open up about certain things without hesitation can be liberating. I can convey my thoughts without interruption, and then invite others to understand a little about who I really am. Maybe I might even move someone with my words maybe they are going through a similar experience, but do not feel like anyone understands what they are going through, and therefore can find comfort in my words. Actually blogging is something that I should have been interested in earlier, considering I have liked reading and writing since the second grade; poetry, prose, and journal keeping etc. I am by no means am I a professional, I write for my own self-expression. However, that is not the only reason I have decided to start blogging...I have come to a point of self realization in my life where I am no longer a teenager, but I have not yet reached middle age either; by all accounts I am still young; even still I understand that my time on this earth is short. Life rushes by and one day you look back and sometimes you have regrets. For me I wake up each day and know that I am getting older and not younger and although I am still in my twenties there are many things that I thought I would have accomplished by now. I feel like I am in the same state that I have always been. I think by blogging this will keep me motivated to move forward; having a visual archived account of my progress and my goals hopefully will force me to stay on track. The name of my blog is My Journey. Originally I wanted to name my blog Rags to Riches because part of my focus right now is to gain more financial freedom for myself but most importantly to benefit my family and those who need more help than me. As fate would have it that name was already taken and after thinking about it, it doesn't actually embody what I am trying to relay anyway. I do not have any desire to be as rich as Oprah or Bill Gates, I would just like to be debt free, be able to afford my own home, be able to help others to help themselves, not wonder how I will be able to afford basic necessities. If I ever became as rich as someone like Bill Gates I pray that I would have the strength and fortitude to act responsibly; not let the money control me; give freely to those in serious need, and not become too extravagant. It is more important to me to have a comfortable living but not too over-the-top, after all I can not take all my worldly luxuries with me when I am gone. I think when you are poor you feel like you are suffocating especially when you have others to think about like your family. You have to settle for mediocre low-paying jobs with a boss who may treat you with disrespect, just so you can put some food on the table and for some you may be drowning in uncontrolled debt. It is a very paralyzing situation to be in, and you feel like you have to settle for choices that just barely keep you afloat, but never let you progress and build a nest egg. However I do not believe that money brings instant and assured happiness. Happiness cannot be brought, if you are not living your life in a good way no matter how much money you have you will not be truly happy. On the other hand I do not believe that money is completely evil either. The world that we live in right now requires money, and if you can have just enough of it to keep you from being stressed about the necessities that you can not manage to afford, then that is fine in my book too.... So to summarize this blog will try to tell a little about my personal journey. It is not flashy or racy; just simple. I will try to give posts about my successes and my failures as I work towards having financial freedom. I also will sprinkle in other miscellaneous things here and there, as it a journal. I cannot promise to post here everyday as my life is not spent on the computer, but I will try to maintain it often enough. I will try in the next few posts to give a little bit more info regarding my background. I do not expect this blog to be popular and reach millions or anything like that. It is not for everyone; some may not like it or relate to it but that is fine with me, as long as one person can enjoy or benefit from it. Hopefully it will also serve as a bit of a chronicle of a time in my life that someday if I have children, they will be able to know some of the things I went through or experienced; somewhat of a history if you will---My Story


csm said...

Hey Wasaski,

That was quite a story - I hope you get out of wally World and back into school soon. Maybe you'll get lucky and sell something for a huge amount of money on ebay!

Raghav said...

Dear Wasaski,
Well & wish to hear the same from you. i was surprised to see u add my blog to your favourites. i'm really grateful to you dear. i want to know more abt you as u'r profile is incomplete. where did u get my blog from? do u like the articles i pen??? pls give me a feed back... there is lot of things i have to learn from you... like how to put ad sense to make some money out of blog... how to add our blog to search engines etc.... also some comments on how to make my blog even more interesting....
hope u will help me out... my mail id is godsmiles@rediffmail.com

kindly reply back... & i would like to spend some time with u learning some skills... i would have never got u... thanx for the stacking software... tht i installed which tracks the flow of traffic in the blog & lets me know the referrer... to this... thanx a lot again... do keep in touch. Happy Friendship day to you! awaiting your reply at the earliest!