Friday, July 27, 2007


Just thought I might give a little clarity on a previous post (How did I get to this point?). I gave a little info on my school background not to state how bright I was, because in no way am I claiming to be a genius, but rather because to the simple eye it seemed that initially I was destined to be a successful doctor or lawyer when I was younger. It's funny how you take things for granted thinking you have it all figured out, but most often in life you will go through many tests and challenges, sometimes taking many different roads. In the end you may end up where you want to be but sometimes you walk the path you need to be on and not the one you thought you would be on. I am not saying that you can't have dreams and goals, you may just achieve them in ways differently than how you expected. I believe that the Most High, our all-knowing Creator does not give us burdens that we cannot handle, and although I have always been taught that, it took a little more growing up for me to finally understand it. When I was younger whenever something did not go my way, I would get really upset or depressed about it, but recently in the last few years I try to approach set-backs differently. I try to understand how I can learn from the situation; how does it make me stronger? I also try to remember those who have less than what I have, and I try to remind myself that after hardship, will eventually come ease...

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