Saturday, November 24, 2007

Honey, I'm Hoommeee!

It has been over a month since I have blogged! I was facing serious withdrawals in the beginning, next came denial and finally I reached acceptance. I must say though that it feels good to blog again. I have actually had the chance to read a few of my favorite blogs, and am happy to see that others are still blogging. It has been an interesting month. Some things have changed, and yet much is still the same. I am still struggling along, but choosing to remain hopeful for my future even when it seems that I will not have a bright one. This is the time of the year when work is the busiest, and the customers are at their worse. Yesterday was the infamous "Black Friday" and at Wally World it was definitely an adventure. We had to play policemen to our pallets of freight that was going to be included in the big doorbusters for 5am. We had a line that was wrapped around the store for the flat screen TVs that were on sale. Not to mention all of the lines that were stationed at the pallets for some of the hottest toys for the season that were included in the sale. Once 5am hit and we were to cut away the shrink wrap from around the pallet, the best and safest thing to do was to move! I saw one of my coworkers almost trampled under the crowd who dived on the Transformer action figures. People were literally wrestling and elbowing their way to what they wanted. Later I found out there was at least 2 fist fights over some items on the other side of the store. As I made my way to other parts of the store I would see one of my co-workers and say, "You're still alive!"In addition to our normal security guards, we had 3 additional Police officers at the doors to make sure nothing was stolen in the frenzy, because believe me there are those people who use that day as the perfect time to load up on "free items." Once 7am arrived I was free to leave the asylum, and I went to breakfast with a co-worker of mine, which was a necessary wind-down and time for some reflection of the previous activities of our shift. Sometimes I just can't believe the lengths people will go to for "stuff." Sure there are things I wouldn't mind having, but I think sometimes we really need to be a little less materialistic in this society. I really believe that when you are gone from this world, it will not matter how much "stuff" you leave behind, but the good deeds and positive impact you had on the world that will remain legendary.

What's in a name?

I was surfing around at and found a couple of fun tests that I wanted to take and here they are, some of it seems pretty accurate....
What Wasaski Means
W is for Wise A is for Astounding S is for Savvy A is for Athletic S is for Spontaneous K is for Keen I is for Intense
You Are A Green Girl
You feel most at home in a world of ideas. You're curious and logical - and enjoy a good intellectual challenge. You're super cool, calm, and collected. Very little tries your patience. Your only fear? People not realizing how smart and able you are!
Your Superpower Should Be Manipulating Electricity
You're highly reactive, energetic, and super charged. If the occasion calls for it, you can go from 0 to 60 in a split second. But you don't harness your energy unless you truly need to. And because of this, people are often surprised by what you are capable of. Why you would be a good superhero: You have the stamina to fight enemies for days Your biggest problem as a superhero: As with your normal life, people would continue to underestimate you
You Are Fall!
Thoughtful Expressive Creative Poetic Smart
You Are Paper
Crafty and creative, you are able to adapt freely to almost any situation. People tend to underestimate you, unless they've truly seen what you are capable of. Deep down, you're always scheming and thinking up new plans. Your mind is constantly active. You are quite capable of anything you dream of. You can always figure out a way to get what you want. You can wrap a rock person up in your sheet of trickery. A scissor person can sneak up and cut you to pieces. When you fight: No one can anticipate your next move If someone makes you mad: You'll attack them mercilessly when they're unprepared
Your Beauty Element is Air
You're quirky, fresh, and fashionable in a surprising way. You have a beauty that's all your own, and it changes as quickly as the wind!
You Are the Super Ego
While some people may think first and act later... you often don't act at all. You rather be safe than sorry, and you take ethics pretty seriously. Like everyone, you have some pretty crazy desires. But unlike everyone, you restrain yourself. You have high standards for your own behavior. And you happily exceed them.
You Belong in London
A little old fashioned, and a little modern. A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock. A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything. No wonder you and London will get along so well.
You Are a Realist
You don't see the glass as half empty or half full. You see what's exactly in the glass. You never try to make a bad situation seem better than it is... But you also never sabotage any good things you have going on. You are brutally honest in your assessments of situations - and this always seems to help you cope.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My blog and I suffer when I do not blog

Wow this limited Internet access thing is getting a little old :S on the bright side I have been able to focus a little more on my goals that I am trying to reach I have completed some bags and taken pictures, that I will be posting soon (well eventually) provided I get the website issues taken care of. I feel like it has been months since I have last blogged. I have much I would like to blog about, work, new people= new drama; so much tension there you could cut it with a knife, and how did I manage to get loosely mixed up in it??, my real and not just figurative progress I have made with my project, small little baby steps, but steps nonetheless. I have only had time to read a small selection of my favorite blogs, and am hoping for the day when I can have unlimited Internet access again and am able to read some of your blogs and vent on my own blog whenever and wherever I want. Right now I have to dash, as I have a lunch date with a friend of mine who I have not seen in years....Updates coming....eventually.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Peepz

As I have said from the beginning of starting this blog that one of my intentions behind wanting to have my own business and be successful, was because of my family---the people I grew up with and have went through the good and the bad with. I come from a big family I have 8 siblings. 3 brothers, and 5 sisters (we girls have always ruled). We have our moments when we get on each others nerves, but we are pretty close and are there when it matters. But I think that big families have a different type of close bonded relationship than smaller families, not that they love more, but the structure is different, and there is definitely a hierarchy system amongst the siblings. I am the third oldest; we range from the oldest at 30 to the youngest at 14. We did not have alot of material things growing up, but I still don't feel like I was deprived of any important worldly possessions, because when you don't have much as a child, but you have alot of siblings, you can be very creative and still have lots of fun. I especially enjoyed always having someone to blame when something went wrong lol Oh! the mind games we played on my younger siblings when they were little kids lol innocent of course nothing traumatizing. The siblings have always been divided into 3 sets, there is me and my older brother and older sister, and we were always known as the "3 older ones" then we have the next group of 4 (of which 2 are twins) which we originally use to refer to as "the babies" until the last 2 came and they became the "4 little ones" and then the last 2 which we referred to as "the babies" I know some other big families, and they say that they too have some sort of system, and most big families I know are very close-knit. It has been very rare for me to find a big family that is not close. Although my siblings can drive me insane most of the time, I wouldn't let anyone hurt any of them and I love them warts and all.....

Tornado Watch

I am experiencing a whirlwind of emotions right now, boring stuff, but I will post it anyway as I am taking advantage of these few rare moments when I can blog.

  1. I have just been blessed with another nephew, my bro and my sister-in-law have just had a little boy yesterday, to add to the little girl they already have.(This adds to the 2 nephews and 2 neices that I have thru my older sis) He is so adorable, he wighed 6lbs 10oz, but my sister-in-law said he was a more difficult delivery then my niece (that does not surprise me as my younger brother has always been a real pain lol like father like son). So I am happy about that.
  2. I also am happy because I have actually made real progress with my bag(s) construction last night, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, if only I can keep myself on track and not divert from my current direction, I will be that much closer to my giveaway contest and actually displaying them on the websitethatIneedtofinishbutcan'tbecauseIhavelimitedaccesstotheInternet.
  3. Now for my frustration: work as usual is the main source; too much drama there, and I am having to try and pick up an extra day or two, because I am going through a financial crisis (what else is new) and have one day left before my license will be officially suspended for not having any insurance on my car :( because I can't afford the freakin payment right now arrrggghhh! The worst thing about working a crappy job is when you try and get those extra hours (not overtime mind you, the company shuns this, and will threaten termination if you do incur the O.T.) you end up killing yourself and when you get the paycheck you see maybe an extra 10 to 15 dollars after taxes! So those are the main culprits for my anguish right now, but I will try and drudge through as usual and keep the hope that I eventually things will get better. Once you've reached rock bottom, you can either stay there, or claw your way back up.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another quickie

If you are ever able to make it into blogger's blogs of note category, I guess you aren't doing too bad. Some of the ones I have checked out, are not that great, but there are a few blogs that I found through the blogs of note and have been hooked ever since. They are Bent Objects , Print and Pattern , and Basic Instructions So if you ever are looking for a good read, check out blogs of note, you might be surprised at what treasures you may find.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


  • I dream I am walking.
  • Walking in the desert; nothing around me or behind me.
  • Nothing except the white warm sand.
  • I am not hot, nor do I feel any discomfort.
  • My clothes are clean and light.
  • I am traveling alone, but I am not worried or lonely.
  • My soul feels free and cleansed.
  • Further ahead of me I can see a well of water and the sun shining beautifully.
  • I do not look away, for the sun does not blind me; it welcomes me.
  • I am not thirsty, but the well is there for me.
  • I go forward, with no afterthought of what I leave behind.
  • For what awaits me is far better than what I leave.
  • The end of anguish and the beginning of never-ending bliss.

Is age just a number?

Ok this is another one related to Wally World. As I said before Wally World has the nickname Club Wally World, because so many people use it as a meeting and hangout place. I've also mentioned that many associates, mostly the females have to deal with the advances of some of the customers as well as their fellow associates. On the overnight shift we have quite a few young guys that are between 18-20 and that does not stop them from making passes at some of the females that are slightly older, or more than slightly older. One comment I am tired of hearing from some of them is, "age is just a number." But is it really? Many of these 19 year old guys who say this act pretty immature. And no I do not say this because they like to have fun or goof off, (heck even I can be pretty goofy when I am with my friends) but most of them are still at that stage where they have not yet left boyhood. I have seen maybe 2 exceptions there. They don't yet understand that there is a difference in being young and not stuffy, and just plain childish. I think there are times and circumstances when age does not matter, but for the most part it does play a big part on the relationship.

  • What do you think do you really think that age is just a number? I am more interested in this from the older female younger guy perspective. But you can comment on both angles.

My maternal instincts are in overdrive

I think my maternal instincts are growing even more stronger. I mentioned in this post that seeing children suffer really makes me cry. I can't watch a Feed The Children infomercial without crying the whole way through, or seeing sickly children, or homeless children. Now I am even getting choked up when it is something happy. For example my niece was watching Disney Channel and I happened to catch one of the commercials, and it was showing a little girl who is into photography, like her father, whom is a professional photographer. At the end of the commercial she expressed that her dream was to one day collaborate on a photography book with her dad. I don't know why, but at that moment, I was completely choked up and moved to tears. I started thinking, "oh man, why am I crying." I mean I know it was touching but sheesh. I truly think that for most women at some point in their lives, if they have not had kids yet, their biological clock starts ticking more rapidly. It's like your body is trying to tell you that someday soon you will have to deal with menopause and you may want to consider having a child or two, before it becomes hard or too late. I know I am only 26, but once you reach 30, it gets more difficult with the passing years.
  • What do you think? Do you think that women do have a biological clock that they begin to become more aware of at some point in their lives?

Another sneak attempt...

It is early morning and I am blogging, but it will not be much as I am having to sneak this one in as well. I just have a few quick questions and ideas that have been in my head for a few days. So on that note here comes....

Friday, October 5, 2007

Final Thoughts for the day...

I have had the chance to go and read a few of my fav blogs and leave comments, but not all, I hope to soon have normal access to the Internet, and not be on a C.I.VAC. When I once again have access to blog regularly, it will be business as usual. In the meantime, I am working and making progress with my bags slowly but surely. is now about time for me to go back to Wally World (read previous post for related matter) Until next time.....

It has been 9 days since I have blogged

Wow it has seemed like an eternity since I last blogged. I have very limited access to the Internet right now....heck to a computer right now. I feel like I could write so much, but I will do that when I have regular access again (I am sneaking this opportunity). I am blogging this early in the morning because I am on an extra long break from Wally World. We were called to a meeting at 11:30pm only to be told that they forgot to let us know that they would be doing some electrical work and that they wanted us to clock out at midnight, and return at 3:00am :O Some people said they did not plan on coming back, of course this was not within earshot of management. I will go back as I would rather come back for an additional four to five hours, then come in on a day off and make up the time. That is one reason I decided to blog; to stay awake ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wow amazing story

I was at Digg and found this amazing story the title description was enough to lure me in, but then I found out it was in my birthplace of Philadelphia, so I had to read read the story here

Monday, September 24, 2007

One final post for the road

If you come to this blog today or before I post a new topic on top of this, make sure you read the last 3 posts underneath this one, a few days worth of blogging sensation that I had to suppress. Also if you happen to click on any of the links to other sites, and you leave them a commment, let them know how you found out about their site. Linkage and all that jazz. I know I hate it when someone says, "I found your blog through another site or blogger, and I have no idea who that is, it would be nice to know a little more about how peolple are finding your blog. The feedburner and technorati helps some, but it is not 100%. Well for me anyway. Signing off until next time.....

What I learned online today: The challenge

So many cool and different things I have learned online recently, you know how I really prefer facebook over myspace, well I have just found even more reason to love it, I have found 2 very good blogging groups there. Also thanks to one of my blogging/facebook contacts-thanks shaz , I have realized the benefits of the Mashable blog site. It is the#1 blog about the most popular social networking sites. I signed up for it sort of by accident before, and really didn't give it much of a second thought, but they actually have very valuable info for utilizing the social network sites to the fullest, as well as keep you informed of all the new applications, and on top of all that gives some good info for bloggers often as well. Facebook has become such a popular social networking site, that Stanford University has designed a course about it . Gotta love the Ivy league schools, "Oh the things you can think, if only you try." Next item- Blog Rush , oh yes people it does work, I find myself scrolling down to the bottom of my page and checking the post titles, I have found 2 really good blogs through Blog Rush already. One of those blogs you can view here and the other is a Piece of Shirt , no that wasn't a typo. A piece of shirt is a blog guessed it shirts, well t-shirts to be precise. The reason I like the blog is because it has links to really cool t-shirt sites. Two of them in particular are Johnny Cupcakes his story about how he started is another inspirational entrepreneur story, for those who have ideas, but are too fearful to give them a try. After you read his story though, be sure and check out the t-shirts! The other really cool T-shirt store is Threadless Chicago they have a really unique approach in that some of their fans are able to design some of the shirts. It goes like this, you have an idea for a cool t-shirt you submit it to them, and they post the ideas for everyone to vote on, if your design is made into a shirt, you get $2000 dollars + a $500 dollar gift certificate, and membership into the alumni club. In addition if your design is reprinted, you get an additional $500 everytime they reprint. If you are not artistically inclined, you can enter an original slogan and possibly win $200 dollars. Some bloggers who I think have the creative aptitude either though their ramblings, or their artistic display are Bent Objects , Kartoen , and The Ranting Monkey , I would mention Basic Instructions , but they already sell their own line of t-shirts. So if any of you happen to read this there is a challenge for you I would be interested to see what you could come up with. Moving on-I was considering moving my blog to another blog format, but I may change my mind after I check out some of the blog layouts that have been graciously formatted for blogger by Blog and Web . I may try to change the layout soon, and this time I hope I do not lose my links, I will take some different precautions this time so hopefully... Finally my new fav. online tool is It is this really interesting widget that you can embed in your blog posts, or send your visitors to your channel, to view you sketches. You can record your voice into it, if you have a microphone, while you draw. Click here to see what I mean. I tried to embed mine in a post, but it did not work for me.

You ever get the feeling that things are not as they seem...

Ok a quick one about Wally World; someone told me once not to blog about Wally World, but I work there, I don't like it, but yet it is a part of my livelihood right now, so it affects me and therefore I will blog about it when I see fit.
  • Headline: Corruption at Wally World! I have mentioned before how people steal alot from Wally World. They steal just about anything, toothbrushes, pencils candy, condoms, you name it. Although majority of this comes from the customers, some items prompt you to believe that it is an inside job, such as the theft of electronic items, computers, televisions etc. Yes I did just say computers and televisions lol. Well we had had a couple of laptops stolen within the past few months, and the other day they believe they have caught the culprit. I was greeted at work Saturday night by my co-worker who told me that our suspicions as to why they were locking our trash compactor; which was causing the stockers the inconvenience of having to call out in vain (they rarely respond to your plea of help) for a member of management to come open it, were true. I had told her not too long ago that they must have their eye on someone who they think is stealing, because they were locking the compactor. Lo and behold she informed me that one of our co-workers was escorted off the premises for stealing a laptop. Wow I never would've guessed that that particular person was doing that. But it doesn't end there. At Wally World gossiping is notorious, especially in the break room (which is why I usually steer clear of the place), so of course there was more to the story. Apparently the accused named 2 other accomplices--none other than a lead associate and an assistant manager! The assistant manager who the rumor pinpoints, does not show any sign of being reprimanded from the co-manager or anything, so I do not know if they have not informed the 2 individuals that the accused mentioned their names, or if they are just watching them and waiting to catch them somehow, or my real theory is the lead associate who is new, was a mole. I think maybe they have implanted him there as a decoy to lure out some suspected thieves. At any rate I think there is much more to this story, for example there are 2 associates who work back in the electronics area overnight, and these laptops which are locked up, are being stolen under their radar? They do not take a break a the same time, one has to wait until the other comes back. But conveniently everytime a laptop is stolen they are not even able to know what happened? I have never really trusted one of the associates from the very beginning, it has always been something peculiar about that person to me, even most people don't see it. I think someday more to this story- the truth and not just rumors and gossip, will come about. Incidentally now we really feel like a criminals at work. I am afraid to take my mobile phone [which I use to keep on vibrate does not matter now; no service :( ] in and out of my pocket just for fear that they are looking at me and assuming I am putting products in my pocket lol. Another coworker commented that it was so tense that it even had some of us second guessing ourselves. How true....

I am blogging today

Ha ha so much so much. Well I am blogging today... first thing:

  • I have a new store ( cick here to visit it), well it does not actually sell my stuff, it is more of a consignment deal, I suggest and sell products for other websites. So we will see how that goes trying out new things. etc. There are some really good books on blogging in the books & manga category.
  • Next I have found a host for my site, but I am in the process of tweeking it and of course I need to hurry along and finish some bags so that I can list them.
  • I have been trying to check out all the blogs in my link list. I have deleted a few that I don't read enough, and have added a few. arrggh many good blogs out there.

There is so much going online I will have to write about it in another post, new topic and all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gain More Traffic to Your Site for Free

Yet another blog community, and hopefully the last for me- Blog Rush Seems that it can be pretty helpful for anyone who is looking for more traffic to their site. So if you are interested and don't already have it, check it out, it's free so you don't have anything to lose.


On a lighter note..............................................With the exception of today's post, I plan to continue my I.VAC. and will be focusing on other things, so I may not post here for about a week, except maybe to respond to any feedback. Also, I am hoping to have a Contest Give-a-way (GOD-willing) coming up soon....details later.

Controversial Topic

Well I really had not planned on interrupting my I.VAC. but I was inspired to write this after something I heard at work last night. Many employees were wearing purple and black ribbons. Another associate who was passing them out asked me if I wanted one, well I am not the type to just blindly support something I don't know about, so I wanted to know what the ribbon was for. Another co-worker asked me if I had heard about the 6 black teenagers in Louisiana who were on trial for beating a white student, and was looking to face sentences of 20 to more years in jail. These students are dubbed as the Jena 6 . I don't watch the news as much as I used to (too much negativity and biased sources) so I told her oddly enough I had not. I had only just recently found out about another case in West Virginia, where a young black woman was held captive for a week, tortured, sexually assaulted, and maliciously wounded, through another blogger. So I was somewhat familiar with that story, but had not heard of the Jena 6 . Many protesters, majority of whom are black have gone to Louisiana to demonstrate against what many are calling a disparity in the law. I don't want to go into too much detail as you can read the basic background info by clicking on the keywords in this post. But the gist of it is this: black students sat under a tree that was coined as the "white tree" where mainly white students sat, and the next day 3 nooses were hung on the tree. When the principal recommended that the students responsible be expelled, the school board overturned it calling it a "harmless prank" and the local prosecutor said they were too young to be charged with a hate crime. This led to a series of riffs between the white and black students, and in the end of all this, a white student was beat up by several black students and sent to the hospital. He was treated and sent home that day, and later attended his highschool's Ring Dance. The black students were later charged with assault, and then it was increased to attempted second degree murder a charge of which incited many people to object to the severity of the possible punishment. On the first day of the trial for one of the boys (Mychal Bell) the prosecutor reduced the charges to aggravated second degree battery-a charge of which requires the use of a deadly weapon; the shoes were argued to be the deadly weapon-this charge can still carry a sentence of 22 years. He was found guilty, by an all white jury, one of which was the friend of the victims father. This sparked even further outcry from the public and Mychal Bell was given new attorneys and a chance to make an appeal. A protest led by Al Sharpton, is taking place in Louisiana....................................................... Now in the case of the West Virgina woman, Megan Williams , in which she was subjected to far greater atrocities, and was more than likely eventually going to be killed by her tormentors, police and FBI are "investigating" if this was a hate crime; even though the victim gave a statement that, one of the accused said "this is what we do to niggers around here."

  • My issues
  1. What is there to investigate? Clearly the West Virginia case is not only a sick crime, but a racial one as well. There is no question about it. It seems to appear that when ever there is a crime concerning a white defendant, the justice system goes to great lengths to make sure that the accused are not being tried for anything extra and are being fairly treated, but in the case of non-whites, it seems everything that could possibly be thrown at them, is. These people who did this to Megan Williams; whom all have prior criminal records-Frankie Brewster was charged with 1st degree murder in 1994, and after pleading guilty to manslaughter, served only 5 years in prison, deserve to be denied freedom for many, many years to come. Are these people going to be given their just desserts? Even though this case is still new, I do not believe they will really get what they deserve. In the end they will probably be freed earlier than they should be, as was the case with Frankie Brewster.
  2. In the case of the kids in Louisiana, it is because of the prejudices and favoritism that was given by the school board that helped escalate the whole situation. If the school board had supported the Principal's original ruling, or at the very least gave the boys who hung the nooses more than 3 days in-school suspension, then it would have helped a little to cool the tensions between the students. Several Black students even went to the school board to try and discuss the matter, but were refused the chance, because the school board felt that it had handled the matter adequately. Also, since when does hanging nooses from a tree, after black students "crossed the line" and sat under the tree, constitute as a prank? I wonder if say for example, this school had a significant amount of middle eastern kids in its student body, and a few of them decided to wear t-shirts with the twin towers, showing the planes crashing into them and a big smiley face on the shirt, saying we support amateur pilots, or something bizarre like that, would this be considered just a silly prank? Of course not! These students would be reprimanded with much more than 3 days of in-school suspension.
  3. While I agree the black teenagers should be punished for beating up the white teenager, I think it is clearly a case of racism. In highschool kids get into scuffles all the time, and hardly ever is it treated with such severity. I have even witnessed, in middle school no less, where students have beat up other students, with the same type of force kicking etc. this involved a multitude of races, and not necessarily a race thing, per se and these students may have suffered expulsion, and detention time, but never to be charged as adults for attempted murder. That is absolutely absurd. I do not, and I am quite sure many people would agree, believe that this is a case of attempted murder. They beat him up (just as some of the black students had been beat up by some whites); were they wrong? yes. Did they attempt to murder him? I seriously do not believe so.

Overall does racism still exist in America? I think so, heck it still exists around the world. What I hope is that the number of non-racists can outweigh the number of racist people in the world, so we can have a little more harmony...

  • Note: please take the survey and watch this video at Youtube which shows how Fox News once again establishes themselves as a discreditable news source.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No purses yet, but some other things I have for sell for anyone interested.

  • Update: If you click on the word sell it will take you directly to the listings.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lines Overheard......My Journey

I went to the sun...and I survived.

Spanish Phrase of the Day

Eres un tiquis mis quis--You are really fussy.

Online Learning; the good, the bad and the severely disturbing

I think if I were to retake the blogging test now I would not score as low as before :S I really will try to take a few days off. On another I.VAC. I have much work to catch up on with the production process of the bags. But before I go....
  • Things I learned today are: 1. I Really Love! Not only can you get some really cool widgets, and make widgets, but you actually find alot of cool websites through them as well. The site is so User-Friendly as well. I have listed them in my flash box (flash box to the right side of page) of my favorite things because I really, really, like their site.

  • 2. I usually don't see all the Internet-hype videos until the last minute because....usually I'm just not that interested, I don't watch alot on TV and I really do not like watching the majority of the trash that people post at Youtube. One of my contacts suggested that I see this particular video on Youtube and I relented today. The video I saw today was the Brittney Spear's Plea video. (I had seen the buzz about it online, but really was not interested in watching it) I must say it is completely annoying and yet funny. I agree that we are a society in which we are too engrossed in "celebrity" life and that many magazines viciously attack and invade the personal lives of individuals in the limelight. At the same time a "celebrity" should also expect that that type of thing comes with the territory. Personally I could care less what most celebrities do, I have my own life to deal with. But that is not why the guy made the video, he made it for his own personal agenda. What makes the video so annoying is the fact that the guy is clearly either crazy and obsessed, or an attention seeking overreactive person himself. Which after watching it once more, I came to the conclusion that it was both. This guy is clearly out for attention, and he is getting it, because many people are viewing his video and making parody videos in response thereby giving him increased ratings on Ytube. Which is giving him the attention he so strongly craves. Proof of this is the follow-up interview he did with Jimmy Kimmel--- pretty disturbing . I think after seeing the video, I may have nightmares now :(

  • Finally the last thing I learned today (relating to online that is) was that there are alot of blogs out there that are pretty interesting, but I think I have enough in my link list, I don't want too many more as I will not have time to keep up with reading all of them all the time. So I will try to only add a few if I come across any more good ones. I may post a link to another blogger's site from time to time, but I can't add too many more to my link list, as it will take up more space. So when appropriate I will still give linkage, just not a permanent place in my links list.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Aaahhh The Joys of the Internet

One more for the road: The Internet can be a very cool place and yet scary at the same time. You can network and meet new people, play games watch videos and T.V., do research, and even start your own business or expand a current one. But there are also things to be concerned about on the net as well, such as predators, identity thieves etc. But the ones that annoy me are the users (or should I say losers) who post at forums and comment on websites and blogs, in the most negative and offensive way. You know the type I mean; the person who not just leaves their feedback, but incites and lures others into a name-calling match and all out trashing and bashing of someone they've never met. I find it very childish and wonder if these people have nothing else better to do with their time than play these games. It is easy to throw insults and threats around so freely behind a computer screen. But I ask, "What's the Point?" Also of annoyance are the extremely needy people who think they are your instant BFF because you belong to the same online community, or they have visited your website once or twice. I ask, "do you not actually get to know a little about a person before you declare them BFF?" If that is what you do in real life, then online should not be an exception. Chat with them in the chatroom a couple of times, or exchange messages or e-mails, before you call that person your BOF Of course the people who are this anxious for you to buddy them are never the sane people either, who maybe if you met in real life you could see yourself being BFF, nooo these are the slightly loony folks. Over at Thoughts, Reflections and More Ramblings e-mino has an interesting, yet funny and all too familiar topic for one of his posts. I think many people can relate to this.

New widget alert

I love fun gadgets and widgets for the web and I just found a new one; you can see a list of some of my favorite things on the left even if you do not earn any commission from this it is a nice way to let your buddies know the things you like or would like to have--almost like a wishlist ;): Create a Favorite Thingz Badge Now!


True Love

How do you express in words the love you have for the creator of all; the one who knows?

Love from a cup in which affection and devotion continuously flows

How do you explain such feelings of admiration that extends far beyond any category or class?

If you attempt to describe it you would not complete your spiel until you breathed your last

He guides and encompasses everything that is

He receives no assistance from anyone; the ability is unique and it is only his

This he does without ever making an attempt

It is beyond all humanly capacity; a skill from which we are exempt

We are the orginal creation of "The One Who Creates"

A talent of which we can never relate

If you try to pursue the task of describing him, you will be left in awe of the only "All Knowing King"

For he is true beauty, he is most powerful, and merciful; he is everything

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spanish Phrase of the Day

Eres un petardo--You're a pain/real bore.


Have you ever had your heart-broken before, and felt like you would not get over it? This is a poem I wrote at one period in my life:
  • Lies
  • Obsession
  • Vagueness
  • Emptiness

After the fog fades and reality comes into visibility, this is what is left. The after effects of love gone sour.

(Looking back on it now, I think how dramatic lol)

Just Like a Woman.....

  • Went to blog explosion
  • signed up
  • got html code for blog explosion widget
  • went back and saw a cuter widget that matched site better
  • got that widget instead

Clarification 2

Just some further thoughts on a previous post ....I know alot of people may think that I am implying that bloggers who blog on a variety of random topics, are "sell-out bloggers" however that is not what I mean. One of the many blogs I read is Seth's Blog . His posts are on a variety of topics, but he gives his opinions on them. You can tell he either has a personal interest in them , or he has done his research. The blogs I was referring to are ones where the post seems to exist solely as an ad (and not a very good one either). We all know we are being pitched with an idea or product all the time, we just want to be ignorant to the fact that is happening. Would I make money off my blog if I could? Sure! Absolutely. Places like pay you to post on certain topics, and I would take advantage if I could, but I would try to pick the topics that interest me. If I did decide on a new topic that I had no knowledge of, I would at least research the subject and then formulate an opinion, so that my posts would have some clarity and direction. You may see me post about different topics and current events sometimes, but I will try to make sure I have invested some time in understanding the topic, and therefore relay it as I understand it.

ebay is taking over!

Well I went over to my favorite auction site Click here for your favorite eBay items to relist an item, and I was stunned to see an advertisment for Sykpe. I have been reading alot about Skype on the internet, but had no idea it was owned by ebay. I am a fan of ebay, but apparently I had not kept up on the news. ebay has been and still is not only one of the hottest auction sites, but one of the hottest and most popular websites/businesses in the world. ebay's reach extends far beyond auctions, and now ebay has introduced Skype....It is amazing how companies like ebay start out as a personal endeavor that catpults into this huge sucessful business . It does encourage those of us who have dreams of owning our own businesses some day. Some other companies that ebay owns are: which I have used before and it is a great site, , -a free classified website, , -for the top ebay sellers who have feedback scores in the thousands and hundred thousands, -a website where you can buy and sell tickets to any event (sports to broadway shows), and -I have also heard the buzz about this website online, but did not know it was an ebay owned site. These are not the only companies ebay is affililated with, but just some of the more popular ones. Below I give some basic info taken form the ebay site, on and Skype, because these are really cool websites.
  • Join 3,415,622 Stumblers & Discover New Sites Channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations. Join StumbleUpon Today > Connect, Meet and Share Connect with friends and share your discoveries, meet people that have similar interests, and check out what other people are discovering
  • Skype to Skype allows users to call other Skype users anywhere in the world for free. Always. Skype Out is a cheap way to call cell and landlines around the world. Learn more about our rates. SkypeIn a phone number from any US (some international) area code that reaches you on Skype. Video Smile, wave or say hello to anyone, anywhere in the world with free one-to-one video conversations. Video Chat/Multichat Up to hundred Skype members can chat online together. Bookmark the chat to keep an open forum or track decisions. Skype Voicemail takes your calls when you're busy or offline and allows you to leave a voicemail when the person you're contacting in offline or busy. Chat/Multichat

You can join Skype for free from the ebay website.

  • [note* Skype was founded by European entrepreneurs, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, and was later aquired by ebay in September 2005 for more technical info about Skype visit Wikipedia ]

Friday, September 14, 2007


.............Master Poet.............
  • Words that are in code; waiting to be deciphered.
  • Words that make you ponder
  • Words that excites your imagination
  • Words that are complex
  • Words that force you to extend your mind to greater capacities
  • Words that awaken your senses; forces you to see, feel, hear, smell and taste everything as if it were your first time.
These are the key ingredients that make a Master poet and his words make me feel inadequate.

Blogging Is Taking Over!-But Like the Starving Artist You May Have To Work Extra Hard Until You See That Big Break.

I can't believe how much of a phenomenon blogging has become! It is estimated that there is at least 71 million blogs out there! Now I must say that a good percentage of these are also said to be inactive as well, but that is still alot of people blogging. Which brings me to the few reasons people are blogging. Some people are blogging purely for self-expression and status updates for a small private fan-base such as family and friends, while others want to introduce their literary talents to the world. Still others are blogging solely with the purpose of profiting from their blogs. I think I along with many other bloggers, I fit into an evolved category of people which begin blogging to express themselves, and possibly gain a small following along the way, but then we are introduced to the possibilities of earning revenue from our blogs. You get caught up in the excitement of people who claim they have become rich and they will tell you all the secrets to being successful, "just like them!" While there are some bloggers whose tips actually work, many of them are just gaining more publicity-therefore more revenue- for their blog. I also happen to notice that many of the popular blogs that get top listings at places such as Technorati and Bloglog , are related to "Making Money With Your Blog" and/or technical blogs. Coming in a close second are the blogs that are about celebrity gossip, or just racy in nature. A few of the blogs that tell you they will show you how to make money, tell you to write about what's hot! While it may very well be true that alot of readers are into that type of content, I think it is watering down the essence of blogging, by writing just to keep up with the trends. If that is truly your style i.e you are a gossip queen or king who just loves keeping up with the latest news, then by all means that is what your blog should be about. However if you are randomly posting topics that you don't know about, feel any connection too, or like, why write it? This is not to say you can't blog about current events around the world, if your blog is about "dogs." If you are moved about a particular topic whatever it is write it down. Blog It. In my opinion a blog that is totally random, with the author all over the place babbling about topics that clearly you can see that have no real interest, expertise, or personal interest in, is a waste.... So blog about what drives and inspires you to write, and earn your fans and audience. Maybe it may take you awhile to earn revenue, but if you have a blog that shows some quality, you will have longevity, and a fan base that will follow you will all the others have died out......

Thursday, September 13, 2007


To all my bloggin buddies and readers who are observing the month of Ramadan you know what this means: *~!!RAMADAN MUBARAK!!~*

Lines Overheard......My Journey

I overheard this at work last night: "You know your deodorant is working when you take a shower, and wash your armpits, and the deodorant still does not wash off." hmmm........

Myspace-My Journey

This is a post I put in my blog at Myspace. I don't really blog there, but I was reflecting on this and just decided to post it. Title: Thinking_ Current mood: contemplative_ Category: blogging-- People grow up and evolve and if you don't keep up you miss out on everything. If you are fortunate enough to reconnect, then you may be surprised at what you learn, and how much has changed...... I wrote this somewhere else listed under my heroes: Those individuals who have the courage to do what's right, even when everyone is doing wrong. Who is your hero??

Technical Difficulties

I was having some issues with changing the html code for redesigning the layout of the blog, and in the end I decided to keep the orig. layout, but in the process, I lost most of my widgets and links and all of my links. So I had to manually redo everything. So I am still updating my links for other blogs I read. So if you were there before and no longer see your blog in the list, I will update soon, or some of them may be listed at the other blog.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time For Another I.VAC.

Well I made it through my blogging marathon and now I think I will take some well deserved rest...hopefully..........................

Hot Trends--No It's not Vanessa Hudgens or Brittany Spears

I mosied on over to my favorite auction website and the future secondary home of my handbags. Click here for your favorite eBay items I stopped by because I had to leave feedback for a seller. I was greeted with the the what's hot page that has the current featured items. Much to my surprise the advertisement was for one of this Fall's hottest items: Animal Print. I guess I should not have been surprised, as this was forecast to be a hot item this season, as it has been for quite a few seasons. In fact animal print seems to be timeless! You can pick up this season's fabulous handbags, jackets, skirts, blouses, and dresses in a variety of animal print colors and skins. There are some really cool and interesting looking animal prints this year for all ages and trust me you won't find these animals roaming at your local zoo either!
*Click on Post Title and highlighted words for links to access some of this season's animal print choices.

Things That Make Me Cry

I thought I would eventually write about some of the things that make me cry sad tears, since I have already written about some of the things that would make me cry tears of happiness(*see "decisions decisions and acting upon those decisions") I just did not think It would be today. Today I was once again struck with one of the number one things that make me cry: a child suffering. I had a horrible scare this morning. My 4 year old nephew awoke complaining and crying tears of agony that his abdomen was hurting. But it was not your normal "Mommy I have a tummy ache" complaints either. He was in severe pain and could not even sit still. Every ten seconds he would wince and cry. It was at that moment my mum decided to take him to the emergency room. She hoped that they would see him as she was not his legal guardian, but my sister (his mother) had left to go to work 2 hours before that. But we knew something could be terribly wrong. He was saying things like, "Here it comes again, I need to see a doctor!" and "My stomach is full;I can't breathe!" Hearing that come from a little 4 yr old, was astonishing and scary. My mum asked me if I could quickly wash him and put his clothing on. As I was doing this he cried out again "I can't take this anymore!" At that point the composure I was trying to maintain caved in I had to turn him over to my other sister and I ran away crying. I did not want him to see me and feel even more uncomfortable and scared. I couldn't stand to see him go through that, when he is so small and seemingly helpless. I could have stayed buried in m room crying, but I knew I had to pull it together, because I had to drive my mum to the emergency room. Thank GOD my car had not completely turned off yet. When I dropped off my mum and my nephew at the emergency room, I had to immediately drive to another neighboring city to pick my sister up from work so that she could go to the hospital. It took about 50 mins to get from the hospital to her job, so I had relaxed a little but as I pulled up to the curb and saw her waiting, I almost lost my composure again. I just started thinking about what could be wrong, and if it was something serious, how she would be really upset. But I held it together. Once I drove her back to the hospital, I had to leave because there was a strong chance that my car could turn off at any given moment. Another one of my sisters came to stay with them until they were ready to leave, while I went home. I was very relieved when they returned and said that the doctors gave him an enema, and said it was nothing serious; Alhumdullilah (All praise is due to GOD). He is resting he is still very uncomfortable because of the enema, but nothing like what he went through earlier. I can't even watch the TV infomercials about starving, sick, homeless children abroad without weeping; it literally stabs at my heart to see a little child experiencing pain and sadness that deep. That truly makes me cry......My Journey

Spanish Phrase of The Day---Complements of My Facebook Page

Voy a tadar media hora larga-----I'll take 30 to 45 mins

9/11 Rememberance?-----My Journey

Today in my area a local Radio Station was passing out American Flag Stickers, to "honor the heroes of 9/11" as they put it. Is this really a relevant way to remember the victims? Or is this just another way for companies who manufacture flags, and flag related items to make money? because not everyone is giving them away for free. Isn't there a more relevant way of having a memorial? I hate when companies or individuals try to make money off of an unfortunate or tragic situation. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Some people were selling extra generators at 3 times their worth. Pretty sad.....

My Response To a Question at Yahoo Questions Concerning Facebook

Can someone help me understand facebook? I tried creating an account just for fun but it makes no sense to me. It's not easy to search for other members and view their pages. I just don't get it. I created a myspace account and it was pretty user friendly, so I expected this to be easy as well. I haven't been on since my initial sign up. Any suggestions?------------------------------------------- Facebook is about connecting with people who are within your network, in other words your regional area. If you don't already have friends at Facebook, then you can join a school network, work network, or a geographical network. This does not mean you cannot connect with people outside you network. Facebook has tons of fun groups and with members from different networks around the world. Once you join a group, you can share ideas and meet more buddies through your different groups. In addition they have many downloadable applications that you can add to your profile page such as glitter text, games, youtube etc. much like the things you can add at Myspace, only a little more classier. You can also go to and get different applications to add to your Facebook page as well.~~Wasaski My Journey

Early Morning Ramblings; Too Much Clutter; I Need My Space

I went to Myspace to try to IM one of my buddies there ( the only reason I got the account) and I was soo turned off by the website. I really don't know why I am creeped out by the place, and it seems so cluttered as well. It took me forever just to try and send an IM. I can honestly say I definately prefer Facebook over Myspace. But I will try and keep the account active, because I don't think I can convince my 2 buddies to come to Facebook. My Journey

Monday, September 10, 2007

More Pictures From This Morning

Love it Love it Love it! Here are more pics I took of Ms. D. (the ex-coworker who I made the special trip out to see; her personality reminds me of how grandmother's was) and some more fabrics. I had plenty more beautiful ones, but I could not upload them all.